Conflict, corruption and confusion

There is no end to the insatiable greed and lunacy of Cedric’s Tribal Council.  Take a look at this.

1. Taunton  will vote the casino up or down in a June election that the tribe is paying a mint for.  But the vote is “non binding”.  That means that the town’s approval or disapproval will have no influence on the whether the casino is approved or built.

Question: If the vote of the  Taunton citizens is ” non-binding” why did Cedric’s crew authorize  Brooke Scanell to spend $500 K on a public relations campaign to get the project approved….when the outcome is irrelevant ?

ANSWER: MONEY. They gave her a $200k deposit a while back and now she’s getting ready to spend the rest of the money on  whoever being that she has no credentials in media or PR.  She’s a political consultant who specializes in fundraising.  Course she works mightily raising money for Speaker DeLeo.  And she also handles ” strategic consulting. ” If she has plotted the strategy of her beloved Cedric and the “Taunton itty bitty casino”…..well now that does settle  all questions of  competence doesn’t it? As we have said before it would take a while to spend  $500k in the entire state let alone Taunton, so there’s something else going on.

2. Consultants hire others to do specialty work. Brooke Scannell had a very small pool of people to select from apparently.  The sharing of big bucks does not go beyond certain Tribal Council members.  Patricia Keliinui asked for a “waiver “to  apply to work  with Brooke.  Lovely. She already works for the tribe  making upwards of $60k with  no job description.

Questions:  Keliinui is the center of a serious Election complaint filed by Tribal Elder  Nellie Hicks so how does she even have the nerve to apply for  a PR job when she’s responsible for the rigged 2009 election ? Is it true that on top of it all , as a Council member she voted for Brooke’s  phenomenal fee?


There’s no telling what else is behind this madness.  Mark Harding was defending Keliinui’s request.  You can believe Paula Peters is involved somewhere since they will never admit to hiring her despite her entire family being on the payroll.  But the feeling may be mutual now that her peeps and her partner are persona non grate.  She never got to reign over her Indian Empire.  Her little regime has successfully dismantled everything Russell built.

Another note, other Council members are looking for “Waivers” to work on tribal projects like the Community Center… a USDA loan.  What don’t they understand about the fact that you cannot sit on a governing body that allocates or receives federal funds and pay yourself, family or contractors fronting for you.  Ask the so called Treasurer Mark Harding who’s developed a tic from looking over his shoulder  50 times a day. Alice may be gone but the Housing bank records are still there and Housing is still shut down. A Waver does not provide immunity from federal prosecution.  Ask all those lawyers we’re paying for bad advice.

Luckily  stupidity isn’t a contagious disease, because this group would be deadly.