Tribal Staff paid to attend Press Conference

What happened to us? What happened?

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal staff received a day off with pay to fill the room at Cedric Cromwell’s Taunton Presser today.  Clearly the CCT didn’t know that when it did the head count of 50.  They obviously don’t know Mashpee staff from the regular tribal members.  They all look alike don’t they? If I was getting a paid day off, I’d go too. Nancy Joseph ( Frye )was so excited she sent out her own email with Cedric’s authorization attached. A Frye move for sure.

Three employees were left behind to man the tribal government.  It would have been a great day for the Feds to show up.

Thousands of dollars spent on busing people to Taunton to do damage control for Cedric, Mark and Aaron’s  shady casino scheme.  The negative press has been horrific.  Every major paper accept one…you know CCT, had investigated and analyzed how impossible this venture would be under WHITE standards, essentially.

Cedric, AAron and Mark’s support has been reduced to the unqualified staff  who would be chronically unemployed if it were not for their  relatives keeping them on the dole.   Look who’s on the front row…

Harold Tobey.  Harold Tobey alright. You know that Harold told his cousin that the Mashpee were ” warming up to him now.”  Don’t  girl don’t ! as  KK  Lopes used to say.

Bobby ” I don’t have a GED either” Foster, Kevin Frye and his grandfather Micky Frye were on the front row. And about 20 other Fryes on the payroll behind them.  Then there were the Cedric and Aaron’s family Tobe(y)s….from over the Mashpee town line, trying to look dignified.  Ahhhh.

The real Elders refused to attend.

The Cedric sideshow revealed nothing new. Apparently the 40 acres will have to hold the 3 hotels and the resort casino. The CCT apparently thinks that will work. The ever changing plans  have no specific sites because Ceddie refuses to talk about the Galleria.  The Galleria must not be happening.

Cedric, Aaron and Markie have no land to build the casino on.  Even their lawyers say the tribe needs some land to do this.

Again, thank God stupidity is not contagious.