Please get on the bus….to Taunton

Cedric Cromwell sent out the email.  He wanted to be surrounded by his people at his event today concerning the “Taunton itty bitty casino.” Turnout at his press conferences has been abysmal in the past. A big zero in terms of tribal participation. So what does he announce? The Addition of the Galleria? He bid up to $65m, but the bank wants $120m. Knowing Cedric’s penchant for giving money away and paying triple the price, expect the worst. Then again no one knows what Cedric and the gang is actually doing.  The truth has never materialized.

Cedric and his council has no sense of decency.  Instead of spending  $500k on Brooke Scannell’s little Taunton PR dog and pony show that doesn’t amount to anything…why not keep the pantry open? Instead he’s giving the Elders $30 Stop & Shop  cards once a month. It’s true.  Then, the Elders have to fight to get them.

The Harvard Project offered a stunning evaluation of the so called governance of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe over the last three years. It says there’s no economic development, no direction, no planning, no coordination or interaction between the administration or program directors.  Absolutely no transparency, accountability.  Worst of all the tribal membership can do nothing about it. That’s what we always said at Reel Wamps.  Harvard confirmed it.

Astonishing is the fact that the tribe has three education committees and pays directors big money.  We have so very few Native children continuing their education on any level beyond high school. What the hell do they do but collect a check? Harvard didn’t know either and said so.  It’s a depressing peak into the future.  The incredible standouts  we do have achieve with the help of family and teachers.

All power !

Cedric said he knew nothing about the Harvard Project report.  Well, the evaluators were all over the tribal council , interviewing people, directors and employees.   Gathering information. But he didn’t know?  That’s silly.

Cedric was doing his thing. Hiding the truth.  Covering up.   Remember the Federal Charter mess that would have enshrined them as kings and queens forever? There was the land in trust debacle he hid for 2 months.  Now the Harvard Project Report, also hidden. There’s more forthcoming…the tribal Gaming Commission is a scandal.

But they are going out of their way to convince Taunton that they will treat them right.  Delusions no doubt.