$65M more for the “Itty Bitty Taunto Casino”

The bid is in! $65 million dollars for the Galleria Mall.  Right.  Another 100 acres ( the size of Twin Rivers ) on the other side of the highway. In luxurious Taunton.  The Mayor there wrote a long letter to his constituents trying to explain that they should not worry about the special election vote …..because the Boston Globe said that  whether they vote the casino up or down, its not binding. Course that only adds to the very bad reputation of the Tribe brought about by Cedric. The other problems are that the  land tracts are between two schools.  Just what a community wants: gambling halls between their schools.

Look… we don’t have to continue to tell you how ridiculous this entire escapade has been.  So we should just continue to predict what happens next.

The Sunday meeting should be another “Ghetto spectacle”.

Here’s a few questions for Cedric.

Cromwell in his favorite Indian costume

Since the Massachusetts Commercial Gaming Law says the tribe has to prove that it has applied to take the land into trust,Where is the  LIT application for Tauton? Not a letter that says you intend to apply, but the actual application?  You will never see it. The document is hundreds of pages long.  Do you think this administration is capable of completing such a task?  You would never have known that the applications for Mashpee and Middleboro were rejected if the Taunton reporter hadn’t told the world. And Cedric is still denying it.

The new $65  million is added to the huge debt  we owe to  Genting that is being handed off  to Bank of America bonded or not at 2% how long do you think it will take us to pay off a debt of about $1.1 Billion or more? 40 or 50 years?  Where’s your check? Our kids will be dead by then….even if we get the damned thing.

Cedric told the Council after constant prodding by Carlton Hendricks Jr. that tribal members would get a  casino check in 8 years.  That’s a most Ghetto Fabulous lie! Is that how long it takes to pay off a billion dollars? No it’s a lot longer.

Then again you have to also ask who comes to a casino in Taunton ? Right, no one.

Why do you think Genting is bailing? There’s no money in this deal.

According to the law,  we have to pay off the first investors ($55m over  10 yrs), Middleboro ( thanks to the brilliant Weld law firm threatening Middleboro)($?), Genting($100m), purchasing land($100m), building the casino($300m), building infrastructure($300m), the state($250m) and God know who else because Cedric just keeps acquiring debt without explanation thinking that everyone’s too stupid to demand the documents he signs in our name. Where is that agreement to pay off the debt,the bank and  what is Cedric signing away with the  this deal with the state? ( If the Governor risks his reputation and future with this deal).

When will you get a check? For the New Bedford illegal aliens…listen up…Cedric, Aaron, Mark, Tah Tah, Cheryl,Trish, Winnie,  and Yvonne have been getting paid  hundreds of thousands  for 3 years, along with all their family members who do not have a Associates degree between them. The tribe has nothing to show for it. And, the pantry has been closed to boot!

You can’t be mad at Cedric cause you have never gotten a straight answer and he’s still making serious money stealing you blind.