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Dear David


Dear David Weeden,

As the Head Man in charge of  the Construction of  the tribal Community Center we regret to inform you that that project is not looking too good right now.  Here’s what the chairman and the treasurer just won’t tell you.

  • The US Department of Agriculture will not release the $12.3 million loan until the tribe can demonstrate the ability to pay it back.
  • The tribe must be able to repay USDA $300,000 a year, for  the first 2 years. And $600,000 each year thereafter.
  • The Chair and the Treasurer have cobbled together $180,000 of  Indirect Cost monies (used to pay utilities and other administrative costs ) from other grants. But USDA will not accept IDC money from the biggie…Housing. So obviously they don’t have a revenue source.

You see, there was never an economic development plan in place that would generate revenue to pay the loan. And the government has little faith in the Taunton Itty Bitty Casino actually materializing and won’t accept casino money anyway. So the construction company and the building permits don’t amount to anything without the money to build the building.

Oh the check ain't here yet? Oh we're posing for PR purposes? You guys look so unhappy.

The ceremony after the Cape Wide Clambake was really nice.  And keep collecting those construction resumes.  You’re taking the industry to a whole new level.


People Who Know Better


Huge turnout for Cape wide clam bake

The Governor had to fight his way into the place  because he does very few public  events with so many people.  Several Elders said there were a lot of people there, but few  that they knew.

Elders have not supported Administration for 3.5 years

Well sah…it was a Cape wide event.  What do you expect? We told ya….Tribal members stayed away and the fringe members who have become  paid actors  to drum and play Indian for the newspaper did their thing.  Some of them are not  even Indian. More on that later.

Forrestdale Post Master Bob Maxim was there.  Nobody has seen him since the  compact disaster in Boston…. he was there doing the bake  with four other Indians.  The White guys got  $5k to make steamers.Tribal men were sparse.  What does it matter.  No one knows a real Mashpee from a fraud.

And everyone else got nothing.  For the money that Cedric paid for this media extravaganza ….without Indians, he could have given each real Mashpee  Wampanoag tribal family that is struggling desperately, at least $3,000 a month for a year. 

It might also keep him  outta the emergency room. Being a Mashpee ain’t all that stressful if you’re doing your job as a leader.

But instead,  Cedric Cromwell had people bused in from around the  eastern seaboard because he had no tribal members  showing up for his  Indian  Deval Patrick media show. So the Cape Coders piled on. Lovely. Hug me Bro. Hug me harder. Yah.

It was a  sea of Blacks and Whites who came for a public campaign event at tribal member expense.

Oh goodness Cedric! Thanks so much! You’re  working  so hard in our best interest.

Any word on our allotments?

Can’t hear you?



The Clambake is now turning into a logistical nightmare.  It became a PR nightmare  in a matter of hours.

Give each family $2k & keep the lobsters

First, they can’t find enough Mashpee to do the bake,  because no one wants to be bothered with Cedric, Aaron and the Bomber Jacket Elders. So now they have to hire some White guys to do the overflow of about 200…and probably another 200 because it’s turning into a Cape wide  free for all. You can’t even tell tell who’s who of the illegal aliens…..thank you very much Jessie Baird.

Wait a minute, you sure can tell cause the real Mashpee want to get their dinners and go home.

Get it and go !

We think Natalie’s idea is a good one.  Just have a drive thru.  You never have to get out of your car….or listen to Cedric.

Mashpee Ingenuity.



They must not know about him and his constitutional violations.

Uncle Herrin’,

I have made  an incredible discovery. Mark Harding is  is a speaker at the Native America Finance Officers Association at the Hard Rock.They’re having a big meeting in San Diego on September 10. He’s talking on a panel  about Effective Negotiations: Vision and Success through Partnerships.

Here’s the list of topics he will be speaking on. We also got a hold of Harding’s  notes he made on each topic.

Develop your strategy   ( Get paid,  keep getting paid)

Inform and involve the community (Follow Rule # 1,  keep ’em in the dark, don’t give them a financial report or a budget, or any record of spending)

Implement political partnerships built on trust, ethics, honesty and transparency ( Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha….This is for chumps, )

Success from tribes  ( Just make something up, cause I don’t know….can’t tell the truth, ever)

How could he have the nerve uncle?  Who would have the nerve? Who should tell Bill Lomax? Please advise.

You’re speechless I know.

This is my report 6/22/12

Your Niece,

Minnie Ah Hah


Thanks Governor

How about taking us to the Harvard Club Ced?

Herrin’: “Well I called my reservation in.”

Roe: ” What a you mean.?’

Herrin’:” For the the big  clambake.  You know,  Cedric’s trying to impress the governor.”

Roe: “Yah. That boy ain’t too swift. I heard the governor called him out sayin’ ‘Word on the street is you’re about as popular as a rabid three legged dog.’ Course Ceddie said it ain’t so and said he was throwing this clambake  in his honor so the whole tribe could come to thank him.”

Herrin’: “Thank him, are you kidding me….thank him for what? The worst Compact in Indian Country? Are we talking about the same “Crappy Compact? Giving the state 21% of the money from the phantom casino, that interferes with our aboriginal rights? We’re supposed to be thanking him for setting us back a century?”

Roe: “Yah…I know it.  Everyone’s thinking the same thing. ”

Herrin’: “Well I reserved 10 bakes and I made 5 calls .  I disguised my voice.  I got you and Minnie bakes and then I was on a roll until I said Glenn Marshall  and Nancy Grant said ” Glenn Marshall ?” And Joanne grabbed the phone, and she started talking up a storm. “Oh Glenn how you been? Are you really coming?  You know they’re scared to death of you.  Who knows what they’ll do . ” I started laughin’ and  she said, “Herrin’ damn it all, I know that’s you.”

Roe: ” Well I heard the things so outta control they are trying to dictate who comes, no girlfriends and on and on. Cedric added so many illegals to the rolls they don’t know who’s a member and who not.  None of them look like Mashpee, cause they not.  And they’re tellin’ people they can’t get their food to go . Who’s goig to stop ’em…Elzy?”

Herrin’: “Well it ain’t like anyone wants to hang around and make small talk with either one of  ’em for God sakes. ”

Roe: ” I know it.  “Hey Deval….great to see ya.  Got anymore rotten deals for us?” Or how about, “Jesus Cedric heard you were rushed to the hospital again last week. Is it worth it bro? Ya wanna be with the ancestor that bad? Oh, I forgot,you don’t even know ’em.”

Herrin’: ” Some people actually think they’ll be able to smooze with the governor.”

Roe: ” Chester Soliz comes to mind. He’s an author just like Deval.  He could come right on down and discuss his book…or the rewrite of his book. Some people say what they’ve seen is very entertaining.”

Herrin’: “He’s gonna do all that at a clam bake?”

Roe: ” Uncle Stacey said keep the clambake…give him the money.”

Herrin’: ”  Well the Elders are supposed to be the host of this plus some of the game committee to make Cedric and Aaron  look like they have the support of  real tribal members . Cedric can’t get anyone to come to any of his events.    But Elders knew nothing of the event, or their $4,000 contribution. It’s really Joanne and the bomber jacket elders who are run by Aaron.”

Herrin’: “Well as Aunt Dart says, It takes more than a lobster to buy me.  I can get a lobster anytime.”

Roe: ” Yah, and they’re on sale…… cheaper than prime rib I betcha.

Reel Wamps said it and so did Harvard..our Government’s the worst

Confirming the obvious

The Harvard  report is an assessment of tribal governance and their report on the Mashpee Wampanoag tribal government reconfirmed the majority of criticisms  by Reel Wamps. You may want to read it again ( April 21) if you need to refresh the horror story by outside experts.

Tribal members seem to have given up on expecting a properly run government so we’ll just give you the latest example of their disregard for serving the members.

Leslie Jonas did not take the Housing Director job.   Scared probably.  She certainly is not qualified and she can’t explain or fix the many problems in Housing… HUD is not a kind master.  Mark Harding knows this too. Strange loans and appropriations  to people in high places etc., etc., So who do they pick to be the 5th Interim Housing Director? Patricia Keliinui.Wow. Phew…..

Here’s the clincher.  The tribe lost the $275,000 Native Scholars grant because sources say Renee Pocknett didn’t fill out the paper work to renew the vital program.  You may recall that the Harvard report said the tribal education program was really screwed up with a lot of big salaries and no help for our kids.  Nothing. Three dysfunctional committees that have no authority to do anything…just like Housing.

There’s more revelations you won’t believe…but we don’t want to ruin your week end.

Bottom Feeders at the top

All that wampum don’t make you Mashpee

The Tobey Frye Cromwells have more than they ever dreamed.  So happy.  So much money. Hundreds of thousands  a year to their families.

How you doing?  Can you pay your bills?  How’s your family doing?

Winters just a few months away.

The very worst

Tribal members missing from Compact event

If you look at this picture.  There are less than 5  Mashpee at the signing of the compact.  Hardly anyone beyond the Council members and the few they promised a free lunch or an audience with the Governor.  The governor had a lot of pens out there and no signers.

Course if you read the Taunton Dailey  Gazette, you learned that  not only does the Chairman of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission expect the (Crappy) Compact to be rejected by the BIA, he expects it to be fixed just as quick.  You may ask why in the hell wasn’t it done correctly in the first place. Remember who you’re dealing with.

Course there’s all the law suits against us that complicate  our status including the suit by KG and others. The suits promised an extended delay for the entire state.  Right.

Bigger problem according to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chairman is the unfulfilled Land in Trust application.  Yes.  The LIT. Just completely screwed up.

Let’s move on to the really awful part of the deal for Cedric and the gang. The vetting. Ya, the state review of then tribal  books.  Also the vetting of Genting. …Wooohooo and Genting has to pay for it ( $4000K ) Finally tribal members will see what Cedric, Aaron, Markie, Yvonne, Trish, Cheryl and the Cromwell crew did with at least $30 million.

The  Gaming Commission Chairman said the fee should allow the state to thoroughly  investigate money laundering.

You mean the way they investigated their Executive Director Stan McGee.  Enlightening.  We just want someone to tell us what the hell happened to all that damned money.

More lawsuits to follow.

Hoka Cedric.