Huge turnout for Cape wide clam bake

The Governor had to fight his way into the place  because he does very few public  events with so many people.  Several Elders said there were a lot of people there, but few  that they knew.

Elders have not supported Administration for 3.5 years

Well sah…it was a Cape wide event.  What do you expect? We told ya….Tribal members stayed away and the fringe members who have become  paid actors  to drum and play Indian for the newspaper did their thing.  Some of them are not  even Indian. More on that later.

Forrestdale Post Master Bob Maxim was there.  Nobody has seen him since the  compact disaster in Boston…. he was there doing the bake  with four other Indians.  The White guys got  $5k to make steamers.Tribal men were sparse.  What does it matter.  No one knows a real Mashpee from a fraud.

And everyone else got nothing.  For the money that Cedric paid for this media extravaganza ….without Indians, he could have given each real Mashpee  Wampanoag tribal family that is struggling desperately, at least $3,000 a month for a year. 

It might also keep him  outta the emergency room. Being a Mashpee ain’t all that stressful if you’re doing your job as a leader.

But instead,  Cedric Cromwell had people bused in from around the  eastern seaboard because he had no tribal members  showing up for his  Indian  Deval Patrick media show. So the Cape Coders piled on. Lovely. Hug me Bro. Hug me harder. Yah.

It was a  sea of Blacks and Whites who came for a public campaign event at tribal member expense.

Oh goodness Cedric! Thanks so much! You’re  working  so hard in our best interest.

Any word on our allotments?

Can’t hear you?