The very worst

Tribal members missing from Compact event

If you look at this picture.  There are less than 5  Mashpee at the signing of the compact.  Hardly anyone beyond the Council members and the few they promised a free lunch or an audience with the Governor.  The governor had a lot of pens out there and no signers.

Course if you read the Taunton Dailey  Gazette, you learned that  not only does the Chairman of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission expect the (Crappy) Compact to be rejected by the BIA, he expects it to be fixed just as quick.  You may ask why in the hell wasn’t it done correctly in the first place. Remember who you’re dealing with.

Course there’s all the law suits against us that complicate  our status including the suit by KG and others. The suits promised an extended delay for the entire state.  Right.

Bigger problem according to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chairman is the unfulfilled Land in Trust application.  Yes.  The LIT. Just completely screwed up.

Let’s move on to the really awful part of the deal for Cedric and the gang. The vetting. Ya, the state review of then tribal  books.  Also the vetting of Genting. …Wooohooo and Genting has to pay for it ( $4000K ) Finally tribal members will see what Cedric, Aaron, Markie, Yvonne, Trish, Cheryl and the Cromwell crew did with at least $30 million.

The  Gaming Commission Chairman said the fee should allow the state to thoroughly  investigate money laundering.

You mean the way they investigated their Executive Director Stan McGee.  Enlightening.  We just want someone to tell us what the hell happened to all that damned money.

More lawsuits to follow.

Hoka Cedric.