Thanks Governor

How about taking us to the Harvard Club Ced?

Herrin’: “Well I called my reservation in.”

Roe: ” What a you mean.?’

Herrin’:” For the the big  clambake.  You know,  Cedric’s trying to impress the governor.”

Roe: “Yah. That boy ain’t too swift. I heard the governor called him out sayin’ ‘Word on the street is you’re about as popular as a rabid three legged dog.’ Course Ceddie said it ain’t so and said he was throwing this clambake  in his honor so the whole tribe could come to thank him.”

Herrin’: “Thank him, are you kidding me….thank him for what? The worst Compact in Indian Country? Are we talking about the same “Crappy Compact? Giving the state 21% of the money from the phantom casino, that interferes with our aboriginal rights? We’re supposed to be thanking him for setting us back a century?”

Roe: “Yah…I know it.  Everyone’s thinking the same thing. ”

Herrin’: “Well I reserved 10 bakes and I made 5 calls .  I disguised my voice.  I got you and Minnie bakes and then I was on a roll until I said Glenn Marshall  and Nancy Grant said ” Glenn Marshall ?” And Joanne grabbed the phone, and she started talking up a storm. “Oh Glenn how you been? Are you really coming?  You know they’re scared to death of you.  Who knows what they’ll do . ” I started laughin’ and  she said, “Herrin’ damn it all, I know that’s you.”

Roe: ” Well I heard the things so outta control they are trying to dictate who comes, no girlfriends and on and on. Cedric added so many illegals to the rolls they don’t know who’s a member and who not.  None of them look like Mashpee, cause they not.  And they’re tellin’ people they can’t get their food to go . Who’s goig to stop ’em…Elzy?”

Herrin’: “Well it ain’t like anyone wants to hang around and make small talk with either one of  ’em for God sakes. ”

Roe: ” I know it.  “Hey Deval….great to see ya.  Got anymore rotten deals for us?” Or how about, “Jesus Cedric heard you were rushed to the hospital again last week. Is it worth it bro? Ya wanna be with the ancestor that bad? Oh, I forgot,you don’t even know ’em.”

Herrin’: ” Some people actually think they’ll be able to smooze with the governor.”

Roe: ” Chester Soliz comes to mind. He’s an author just like Deval.  He could come right on down and discuss his book…or the rewrite of his book. Some people say what they’ve seen is very entertaining.”

Herrin’: “He’s gonna do all that at a clam bake?”

Roe: ” Uncle Stacey said keep the clambake…give him the money.”

Herrin’: ”  Well the Elders are supposed to be the host of this plus some of the game committee to make Cedric and Aaron  look like they have the support of  real tribal members . Cedric can’t get anyone to come to any of his events.    But Elders knew nothing of the event, or their $4,000 contribution. It’s really Joanne and the bomber jacket elders who are run by Aaron.”

Herrin’: “Well as Aunt Dart says, It takes more than a lobster to buy me.  I can get a lobster anytime.”

Roe: ” Yah, and they’re on sale…… cheaper than prime rib I betcha.