They must not know about him and his constitutional violations.

Uncle Herrin’,

I have made  an incredible discovery. Mark Harding is  is a speaker at the Native America Finance Officers Association at the Hard Rock.They’re having a big meeting in San Diego on September 10. He’s talking on a panel  about Effective Negotiations: Vision and Success through Partnerships.

Here’s the list of topics he will be speaking on. We also got a hold of Harding’s  notes he made on each topic.

Develop your strategy   ( Get paid,  keep getting paid)

Inform and involve the community (Follow Rule # 1,  keep ’em in the dark, don’t give them a financial report or a budget, or any record of spending)

Implement political partnerships built on trust, ethics, honesty and transparency ( Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha….This is for chumps, )

Success from tribes  ( Just make something up, cause I don’t know….can’t tell the truth, ever)

How could he have the nerve uncle?  Who would have the nerve? Who should tell Bill Lomax? Please advise.

You’re speechless I know.

This is my report 6/22/12

Your Niece,

Minnie Ah Hah