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It confirms the “bad spin” by Chairman Mao, trying  to make it appear as though he’s on the offensive. Ha….you and Mark Harding have been on the defensive since you abandoned Middleboro because Taunton was DOA.

Keep paying those lousy lawyers!

The Natives are restless

Apparently tribal members were a little peeved.  So peeved that a few days ago  they started spray painting the steel pilings of the tiny piece meal tribal government building calling Cedric ” Chairman Mao.”  The graffiti is gone now. But because the administration answers to the Chinese owner, Genting….apparently the Mashpee get it. Being that Cedric ignores tribal law and the people…. it makes total sense. The tribe is enslaved and demoralized thanks to Chairman Mao.   But it hasn’t lost it’s sense of humor.

According to news accounts,  the Massachusetts Gaming Commission has the southeastern license on the agenda for this week. Apparently they’ve seen enough.


This is why no one takes us seriously

Other than Annawon, do you know any of those people in the picture? Neither do we.


Certifiably stupid

Just give up the license and stop humiliating us.

The Tribe has had 0 success with the “Itty Bitty Taunton Casino.” And now Cedric revealed that the second compact has the Tribal casino located at the Taunton Galleria Mall. There’s no  purchase agreement with the Galleria owners. It’s no where near likely to happen either.

So let’s review. Cedric’s million dollar lawyers go in and negotiate another “Crappy Compact” and lie about the actual casino location.  It’s probably because the land they actually have is only about 40-50 acres and could not accommodate a $500 m resort casino…so they substituted the Galleria. The Galleria folks were clueless. A few years ago the asking price was around $120m. Great….just what we need more debt to Genting.

Well you can imagine what the Gaming Commission thinks. The dishonesty is too much. The stupidity is overwhelming…but for competitors it’s a giddy moment. This latest screw up only confirms that Cedric just can’t pull this off let alone resolve the federal problems. This is yet another episode adding more serious delay….and making the case to give the license away.

No wonder Cedric was stumbling and mumbling through Brooke’s talking points at the hearing. Shovel ready….shovel ready…digging our grave.


Head ’em up move ’em out

Get on the bus!!!! Cedric had Joanne start with the Elders…the real ones.  There wasn’t much interest there. So they opened the door to everyone….tribal members, staff and three legged dogs.  Who knows what will turn up in the bull rake ! Another free bus ride to sit on the front row to look pitiful and beg for a gaming  license from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission for the worst location in the state….all courtesy of your chairman (ahem) who needs a little help. Hadn’t he had enough?

  • $47  million worth of help for the “Crappy Compact” (that is irrelevant without LIT)  and over billing with 0 benefit to us
  • Now we have ” Crappy Compact II” which is just as bad as the last one
  • An incomplete LIT application that experts say is at least 6 years away….
  • Lawsuits guaranteed because the Supreme Court says so…

So let’s see…The state is going to hold up a gaming license in the most lucrative area in the state for Cedric and Genting.  Oh please. And all this so called vetting….it’s called ” BIA have mercy on us.”  But after you spend $47 million on lawyers why ask the BIA for help now?

This is what we get for $47 million

Right. We’re the Damned Fools Tribe.

Keep those monthly $30 food cards coming….



Housing Director Quits…Council calls Emergency Meeting today

Oh boy.  They said old Ronnie wouldn’t last….and they were right.  He resigned as Housing Director and there’s an Emergency Council Meeting going on right now.  Word is certain Council members want to get rid of “Navajo Sue” the tribal administrator.  Drula just ain’t working out people. Watch for Navajo Joe to disappear next.  The DOJ ain’t no joke.

Also Stephanie Toby Rodrick is either giving notice or was given notice by ICWA.  It was reportedly 30 days.  Looks like drug counseling is more to her liking than the poorly run Indian Child Welfare Act  Program.

As the money from Genting dries up, so do the jobs.  You won’t even get those pathetic $30 monthly food cards anymore.

Cedric and his Fryebal Council treat you birds like royalty don’t they?

Illusions of a Recount by Cedric Cromwell

No sign in sheets.  Navajo Joe’s ballots via Dino’s parking lot and Cedric’s acting like this is real?

Come on boy !!!

According to your incredible posts days before the election on the Brian’s tribal Facebook page you’re a preacher.

Time to pray for a way outta this brother.

The case of the roaming ballot box

Diluted Mashpee votes

It’s so damned stupid, it’s funny but  you actually feel sorry for Kimmie Frye in the end.  Anyhow, when the election was over, the ballot box was put in the trunk of her car.  Right.  Well you know where that car was going.  Straight to Dino’s where Kimmie and crew proceeded to get good and drunk….somebody wet themselves in the bar….somebody vomited according to the bartenders.  But we know that all made it home and showed up to work late Monday.  Kimmie did a good job of hiding from Richard Oakley Monday who filed the first wave of challenges to Navajo Joe’s election ” to preserve and protect his burgeoning pay check.”

The second day she couldn’t  duck Oakley who showed up with the paperwork for the recount and handed it right to her.  She groaned. Navajo Joe turned and went in another direction and Harding kept talking about this meeting he had to go to. Why’s he still hanging around? You know why.

Well, Kimmie was just outdone.  She really thought she was all dignified during the election. Her family was  in there working the election while Navajo Joe sat in the audience laughing and grinning. He was doing his “I’m so superior” smirk.  It was like he knew the outcome. Imagine.  Total confidence.

Kimmie and Valerie M transferred the (unsecured) ballot box from her car to the Housing van along with the voting booths.  They returned the booths to the town.

Where’s the ballot box and the voter sign in sheets? Who the hell knows?   Again people.  Those troublesome sign in sheets with all our signatures on it.  A record of who voted.  Legal and illegal voters.  The number of voters would also be revealed. You would know if your vote has been diluted by illegal voters who are also on there as Oakley alleges.  You could probably get a pretty good idea about voter fraud which is a very serious federal offense.

Okay, so Oakley gets his recount tomorrow.  But he won’t be allowed to see the sign in sheets.  So what’s the point?

Have the 2013 sign in sheets  disappeared too?

A recount is worthless without the sign in sheets. More evidence indeed. So much to hide from so many eyes.


US Justice Department moves forward on Mashpee 9 case

Cedric goes down, Genting walks, and we are devastated

The Department of Justice contacted Mashpee 9 attorney Jonathan Polloni Friday, February 22 to tell him the case was moving forward.  The Mashpee 9 essentially said that the 2009 election was fraudulent and they wanted the federal government to investigate it and to monitor the 2013 election because they feared the same fraud would occur again. Well clearly  DOJ nor the Department of Interior formally monitored the election. But Polloni wanted to send up a flare. It was a flare of Titanic proportions. Everything that was done, every nasty letter from Navajo Joe, every reasonable request denied, every election committee resignation  and illegal vote was forwarded to DC and Nashville.  Every reappointment of the sister-in-law as chair of the elections committee, every false and irresponsible move of the ballot box after the election….was sent to the authorities so no one could pretend they didn’t know what was going on. All evidence of a lot of shady stuff that no one could stop.

We won’t even get into the humiliation of Robbie Hendricks. The attempted cover up of the fiances has begun.  15 accounts.  Marge is the treasurer.  She made that clear. She also knows a forensic audit will reveal all misdeeds.

Here’s what relentless looks like. Genting and their man Cedric Cromwell continue to take advantage of a tribe that had no internal control of their out of  control government.   No land in trust, no legitimate tribal court with enforcement powers, just a panel of scared uniformed overpaid outsiders controlled by a bunch of lawyers that keep gouging the Greeters of the Pilgrims. This is what happens to tribes when the outsiders take over and are not accountable to the core members.

It’s not like DOJ is a big fan of Genting, the Tribes owners.  Genting is under investigation all over the US for corruption.  Cedric the Overseer, signs the contracts.  Harding was dipping in Housing and other federal appropriations made by the Council he sat on. You better believe the Feds have already drawn a bead on Harding and  want to know where the $47 million went. Well it went to a lot of overpaid lawyers.  It’s called over billing.  Richard Oakley said if he were elected chairman he would investigate and demand a refund of the millions in overcharges for blatantly bad legal work.  Cedric allowed it. He has no choice. Hundreds of thousands dollars in legal fees charged for wire transfers and for work on the USDA loan on the so called “government center.”  Totally unheard of.  But it’s a glaring abuse laid out for Federal investigators to see.

The Chinese gaming giant is famous for hiding behind vulnerable tribes and using them to gain  gambling footholds and big profits.  But Genting is not absorbing little tribes like it used to. That’s because of their horrible reputation. But they own the Mashpee thank you Cedric Cromwell and Mark Harding. Harding’s brought a lot of unwanted scrutiny with his consistent wrongdoing. He became a huge liability.

For those who say Harding’s defeat was ” proof that the election was fair ” don’t understand how entities like Genting work. They do whatever it takes, and believe me these guys are a cheap date.

The only people Genting cared about was Cedric and Marie Stone.  Stone was the red flag.  Even she didn’t believe she was re-elected, neither did anyone else.  Marie was reaching out desperately to everyone for help with her campaign and got a cold response.  Marie is very very smart….she is also very volatile and knows a lot of very damning information.  To push her off the reservation would be fatal.  When Marie began to worry about her poor record keeping of the minutes that lapsed for over 6 months at one point, Cedric told her ” Don’t worry about that.” Well she did and was looking like a pack mule bringing minutes in to be approved 10 weeks at a time.  It was crazy. And it made the other Council members very uncomfortable because it was impossible to do.    Genting couldn’t let Marie lose. She would go off to brood and eventually spill the chowder. You can believe the Feds will ask for all the minutes.  No audio taped minutes ? Not good.  No record of government action. Let the lawyers explain that.

Cedric the Overseer….well he’s their boy.  Anyone who really thought that they would be an acceptable replacement is dreaming or on hallucinogens.  Genting would do anything they needed to do to keep Cedric in place.  To hell with Aaron and Mark who is serious ” baggage”.

Now the the rest of the election debacle is unraveling ….lending more credence to our sad state of affairs.