Head ’em up move ’em out

Get on the bus!!!! Cedric had Joanne start with the Elders…the real ones.  There wasn’t much interest there. So they opened the door to everyone….tribal members, staff and three legged dogs.  Who knows what will turn up in the bull rake ! Another free bus ride to sit on the front row to look pitiful and beg for a gaming  license from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission for the worst location in the state….all courtesy of your chairman (ahem) who needs a little help. Hadn’t he had enough?

  • $47  million worth of help for the “Crappy Compact” (that is irrelevant without LIT)  and over billing with 0 benefit to us
  • Now we have ” Crappy Compact II” which is just as bad as the last one
  • An incomplete LIT application that experts say is at least 6 years away….
  • Lawsuits guaranteed because the Supreme Court says so…

So let’s see…The state is going to hold up a gaming license in the most lucrative area in the state for Cedric and Genting.  Oh please. And all this so called vetting….it’s called ” BIA have mercy on us.”  But after you spend $47 million on lawyers why ask the BIA for help now?

This is what we get for $47 million

Right. We’re the Damned Fools Tribe.

Keep those monthly $30 food cards coming….