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Todays Big Payday

It’s budget day and tribal members will decide if we keep paying big money for unfulfilled promises, or try to start over. Removing the Mashpee Wampanoag Gaming Authority from the budget with an ordinance does not make it so.  The Tribe is responsible for deciding that because it’s mandated in the Constitution ….which is the ultimate legal authority. Cedric the Tobey and Navajo Joe know this but they are very desperate right now and so is Yvonne, Trish, and Robbie ….because they pay for all that bad legal advice, worthless consulting, and really awful PR out of this slush fund and who knows who else.  Remember Genghis Khan? That bad boy’s been having a field day with that Mashpee Wampanoag Gaming Authority. He has a tax ID number an everything….ask Ceddie.

Genghis has a Tax ID number with the Mashpee Wampanoag Gaming Authority. Direct deposit to a Swiss account.

But the vote on this budget ( which is the first time we’ve ever had one in 5 years…all those other budgets and loans were illegal).  If the Tribe votes it down, expect Cedric to proceed with his illegal funding of the Gaming Authority.  Also expect it to trigger an investigation and more federal lawsuits.

The grand opening of the government center was interesting.  Big shortage all around on Tribal members and elected officials…only 2 out of about 15,( including the governor MIA) were in attendance for Cedric’s pontifications and blather about the project that was secured and  funded by USDA  under the PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION, This guy has never had an original or cohesive idea in his life.  Remember…  he didn’t know what the Tribal Roll was and had to coached on getting his paper work together to become a legal member of the Tribe (2006).  Too much Dorchester and Roxbury Community College influence.

But again its all about getting a donut  for $80m.  If we could eat that building (built on a swamp) now that would be worth something.



There seems to be some confusion over the definition of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, at least in the mind of Cedric the Tobey. He says the Council is the Tribe.  But an elementary school student knows the people are the Tribe.

The supreme laws of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe are embodied in the Tribal Constitution that tells us that our budget  must be voted on and approved by us before implemented.  These supreme laws dictate to the Council …..course that’s how it works in the rest of the country….with Cedric and his wacky side kicks and  sorry attorneys…. lawlessness rules the day. There’s little support for the budget and at the last Sunday meeting over 100 members were raising Cane, asking questions and getting no answers. Clearly they were ready to vote the budget down.

It’s quite a problem for Cedric the Tobey because his rags to riches Marie Antoinette world would come crashing down along with the budget. What do they do? Protect their slush fund. Separate the Mashpee Wampanoag Gaming Authority budget from the Tribal operations budget so they can pay themselves out of the Authority slush fund. So all of a sudden the Mashpee Wampanoag Gaming Authority is not an entity of the tribe but a separate independent body?  Yaaaaaaah, when it comes to guaranteeing the pay checks of Cedric and his pals. What they have done is an absolute violation of the Constitution.   You would think with the Federal judge decision pending, they would stop handing  out ammunition.

It’s like this.  The Mashpee Wampanoag Gaming Authority has a $12 m budget that is spent completely unchecked. No records, no ledgers just money in money out.  We could be paying Gengis Kahn and never know it.  Cedric the Tobey has used the Gaming Authority to keep the Malaysian cash flow going.  Over $40m spent on  lawyers supposedly, who keep saying they can prove that we were under federal jurisdiction prior to 1933.  That would get around the Carcieri  decision “hurdle” that says the DOI can’t take our land into trust. That would work if it were true.  Trouble is all the proof of our status does not support that theory.

As we said repeatedly, that theory was tested during the very thorough  recognition process and soundly rejected by the BIA. There’s no way around it.  Well known is the fact that our only masters were the King of England or the Commonwealth….and Uncle Sam never had a hand in our oversight until they recognized us in 2007. Why tell the Malaysians the truth if they’re buying the scam and willing to keep paying the lie forward…what do they know?

But to show you how bad it is….one of their primo lawyers had a messenger ask Patty Oakley for a map they thought could validate the 1933 theory. The maps had nothing to do with anything federal…just some state roads.  That’s how desperate this has gotten. Its been going on for more than 2 years….they get richer and we try to figure out how we’re going to eat that God awful government  building.

Honestly desperation results in mistakes. An ordinance removing the Gaming Authority from the budget cannot undo it’s permanence in the  Constitution. Right. Tell it to the judge Ceddie.

Come on Joan, take a civics course

Cedric plays on Tribal members desperate hopes for a casino to get them out of poverty. He spends millions in unaccounted Genting money that has not helped one needy Tribal member.

Hey Joan Avant….review your civics lesson girl. In case you don’t know the US Supreme Court rules our world.  Just like they ruled in the Carcieri case that the Department of Interior could not take (our) land into trust, that means only the Congress can fix the law to its satisfaction. And the Congress isn’t thinking about fixing LIT.  Google it and see what’s going on with the Carcieri Fix. Dead in committee. Nothing. What you need to do is ask why we’re spending a million dollars a month on lawyers and consultants who can’t change that.  We have the worst most incompetent crew on earth making fools of us and  getting paid.

Cedric knows most people don’t know how any of this works.  He wants you to vote for that budget….to give you hope of that pot of gold. He wants to keep getting paid and string you along.  Ya girl…and your niece is right in there nodding her head so you can spread it all around….and nothing ever happens, cause they know you don’t know how the White man runs things….cause you never been involved and you aren’t educated.

Cedric is playing you like a guitar, cause you don’t know any better.

An opinion to the contrary of the US Supreme Court by the Department of Interior means nothing….it’s just another opinion, like yours, mine and even the President could say he believes we can have our land taken into trust by his DOI…..BUT IT ISN’T LEGAL CAUSE THE US SUPREME COURT SAYS IT AIN’T.

Come on Joan….that’s why they call them the US Supreme Court. It’s the last stop. Come on girl….come on….Cedric wants you to believe that he can get us that casino. This is his hustle to get paid… got paid lately? You made any of that 80 million dollars?

Maybe he’s got a magic act or something…5 years and counting….and the donut.

Joan Avant….last of the believers.

Will the last Mashpee bring the flag.



Tale of The Crooked Council

Crooked Council Chief. I know right?

The tale of the Crooked Council,

Is the story of an absolute mess.

The reason being the shear  incompetence,

And inability to do their very best.

Serve the Tribe are you kidding?

They could never live the legacy of old.

It was all about the Benjamins

At least that’s what we were told.

The worst of the tribe is at the helm,

With paychecks out of this world.

Livin’ the life of their dreams,

Just like the old Pharaohs.

It will all end when they least expect it,

Cause one thing’s for sure….

Stunneded is stunneded all day long,

And there’s not much more we can endure.





The breast cancer stricken tribal member had to walk to the Mashpee Community Health Clinic  a few days ago to deal with her healthcare issues because First Lady Cheryl the Frye Cromwell, once again refused to answer her pleas for hardship money to fix her car.  How this woman  gets to the hospital in  N Falmouth is anyone’s guess, but clearly it’s not TFL’s concern, despite the fact that she’s the Council liaison to the health department ….ain’t that rich?

Lavish events that are of no benefit to the Tribe

Is this the reason for the great Masquerade Ball this weekend ? Attempts to disguise their abuse of people who look to them for emergency services and help? You can’t hide the degradation of this tribe at the hands of those who have never been in leadership positions. It’s not like Cheryl and many others on the Fryebal Council haven’t had their hands out for assistance….as recent as a few years ago.  She should know the pain, the fear, the hopelessness that is married to poverty.  But with death the potential victor, TFL should have shown compassion.  But you can’t even shame Cheryl into having some class. Anyone else would be driving the woman to the hospital themselves, and given her the money.   That’s the photo op Cheryl! All these other fabrications and exaggerations of your education only make people laugh.  It does not bring respect.  Serving people who have experienced what you experienced brings respect.

When the Fryes stole the election in 2009, Cheryl told the Mashpee, ” The Frye’s will be rolling in the doe.”  And we have suffered miserably ever since….and have nearly $80m in debt. Lovely.

AND WE’RE SPENDING $50,000.00 on a food event open house for the government building. It will be run  by a tribal member we all know, who doesn’t have a state food handlers license…she uses her cousins….And she’s out of a job so guess what happens…you’re supposed to serve 1,500 people…bla bla…do you think you’re going to have 1,500 people there? This person is notorious for running out of food…even though she’s ordered 40 bushels of clams…ha. It will be a hot mess….$50,000.00 should have been used to make money instead of spend money on a one shot deal that does not help us let alone feed us. We can’t eat that building.

If you wanted a class act with good indigenous food, and knowledge about serving large crowds, the Chief, Earl Mills should have been involved, and Janet.  They can cook, and manage food service properly. None of this is real. Just disgusting.

Next….the Gaming Authority end run around the Tribal Constitution.



Budget Boondogle? Bad Biz Breaking!

Rumor has it that the Tribal Council will sever the Gaming Commission funding from the budget, so that even if the Tribal budget is voted down, they will continue to receive paychecks.  Is this true?  Stay tuned.

Hardship on blast

How soon she forgot how tough life is.

This $24,000,000 budget has become  controversial, largely because it’s a lot of money flowing to everyone but us. Cedric the Tobey, and his charming wife Cheryl are worried. Very worried about this budget going up in flames. They are telling the few people they actually talk to, that a no vote on the budget will end the ‘hardship’ allocation.

Alright, alright, alright.

They won’t tell you who gets the money, how much, or how often…..but we do know the criteria;


  • Must be  Council members
  • Must be employed by the Tribe
  • Last name must begin with F and end with e

But the real story involves our cold blooded First Lady.  A tribal member  with breast cancer pleaded with her for hardship money to repair her car so she could get back and forth for treatment.  Not only did Cheryl the Frye Cromwell hang up on the woman, she wouldn’t answer the call back.

A disabled member could not get help with first and last months rent to have a place to live. Other similar stories unfold repeatedly where members who need help don’t get it. Whether it’s from the ‘hardship slush fund’ or Housing…nothing happens for us. It’s all about them.

Oh and Dr. Jo, all that talk about that “outside independent audit” is absurd.Who believes that something like that is even possible with this crew eh Dine? Go to HUD and ask them to do an audit and point to Leon Jacob’s shady deals.While you’re at it can you talk to them about “Tah Tah’s'” unauthorized Housing survey and her lying about applications for renovations and such.  She’s completely out of control and continues to harass tribal members for personal information.


The meeting on Wednesday is being held in the middle of the day so the membership cannot attend. They will make changes to the election law, which is a directive from Genting and that mysterious Gaming Authority that gets over $12m a year, totally unaccounted for.

As Authority members,Yvonne,Trish, Bobby, Cedric and Robbie spend over a million dollar a month, totally unaccounted for, supposedly on a casino strategy that has generated a donut.The Pequots will build in Fall River while Plainville has already broken ground on a casino and we’ve spent  nearly $40m to line someones pockets and of course pay Cedric the Tobey.

We could have had a restaurant or two, several aqua-farms, guided tours and a number of businesses in place that would employ our people. Forty million dollars goes a long way when when there’s no casino in sight.   We have nothing.

Oh wait, we have another proposed $12 million tribal operations budget that no one can make sense of that has  at 3% raise in it.  What the tribal employees don’t know is that the fine print says its for Council members only.

By the way, Dr Jo, we presume you know that 4 administrators are leaving…in a hurry.  We don’t have any services anyway so  who cares !!!

The $15 m building (@ 21% interest) is still screwed up, but maybe with some mayonnaise and mustard, it’ll taste better eh Dr Jo ?

The last detail on that screwy budget

It’s coming up….

Ask questions, get answers



Ceremony after ceremony that has no benefit to tribal members. Everyone gets paid but us.

Today’s meeting is to ask questions and we should attempt to get answers to the many questions regarding the direction this Tribe is going.

It’s frightening to accept the fact that we have been held captive by a dishonest hurtful government that has failed to deliver even the most basic federal government services. The most egregious is the failure to use the millions borrowed to establish an economic development plan for us to be self sustaining. It’s an abusive relationship we need to sever.

Say no to Stockholm Syndrome .

Budget, Bust, or Stockholm Syndrome

No Casino, No Pantry, No Tribal family assistance, just debt and the Frye's get a raise !

Every Frye on the planet will show up tomorrow to see how much trouble they’re in.

After all it’s all about  the swollen budget that doubles their  pay. As we’ve told you, the nearly $15 m  budget is to pay a bunch of lawyers and consultants who have not moved us any closer to a casino than we were 5 years ago. It’s so bad the Massachusetts Gaming Commission opened our region rather than wait for us to get Land in Trust that is virtually impossible under current conditions. They sure got rich though ! So did Cedric the Tobey.

The Fryebal Council is like clockwork. They will be there tomorrow.  Likewise, the real tribal members usually stay home because they feel helpless.  If they show up like Ronnie Garcia did a few weeks ago  they might be able to take control of their government and get us back on track.

Garcia is a tribal member with finance credentials.   He’s been a well known banking officer for many decades.  Garcia questioned Council members and  Treasurer Robbie Hendricks because the budget was such a mess and made absolutely no sense.  Of course Robbie could not explain any part of it.  He did not compile it because he is not allowed nor does he care to do his job as treasurer.Garcia was outraged and made that clear.   But Cedric the Tobey goes ahead anyway because Genting tells him too and he needs that paycheck.  And don’t forget, we are the tribe of no redress.   No way to stop them with all that delusional sovereignty at work.

Garcia doesn’t come to meetings often but his expertise was needed to verify how bad things were.  Hopefully he’ll come back tomorrow with other tribal members who have had enough and stop the nightmare….

The Mashpee will otherwise be the shining test case for Stockholm Syndrome.

Stockholm Syndrome is a name given to a mindset that sometimes develops in hostages. Sometimes a hostage or a victim will become attached to their captor.

Oh, one more thing.  Best to vote the old fashioned way with a ballot box in front of all, and counted by tribal members.  Or a hand count.  Too many crooked elections to risk it..