Budget, Bust, or Stockholm Syndrome

No Casino, No Pantry, No Tribal family assistance, just debt and the Frye's get a raise !

Every Frye on the planet will show up tomorrow to see how much trouble they’re in.

After all it’s all about  the swollen budget that doubles their  pay. As we’ve told you, the nearly $15 m  budget is to pay a bunch of lawyers and consultants who have not moved us any closer to a casino than we were 5 years ago. It’s so bad the Massachusetts Gaming Commission opened our region rather than wait for us to get Land in Trust that is virtually impossible under current conditions. They sure got rich though ! So did Cedric the Tobey.

The Fryebal Council is like clockwork. They will be there tomorrow.  Likewise, the real tribal members usually stay home because they feel helpless.  If they show up like Ronnie Garcia did a few weeks ago  they might be able to take control of their government and get us back on track.

Garcia is a tribal member with finance credentials.   He’s been a well known banking officer for many decades.  Garcia questioned Council members and  Treasurer Robbie Hendricks because the budget was such a mess and made absolutely no sense.  Of course Robbie could not explain any part of it.  He did not compile it because he is not allowed nor does he care to do his job as treasurer.Garcia was outraged and made that clear.   But Cedric the Tobey goes ahead anyway because Genting tells him too and he needs that paycheck.  And don’t forget, we are the tribe of no redress.   No way to stop them with all that delusional sovereignty at work.

Garcia doesn’t come to meetings often but his expertise was needed to verify how bad things were.  Hopefully he’ll come back tomorrow with other tribal members who have had enough and stop the nightmare….

The Mashpee will otherwise be the shining test case for Stockholm Syndrome.

Stockholm Syndrome is a name given to a mindset that sometimes develops in hostages. Sometimes a hostage or a victim will become attached to their captor.

Oh, one more thing.  Best to vote the old fashioned way with a ballot box in front of all, and counted by tribal members.  Or a hand count.  Too many crooked elections to risk it..