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No Wonda !

If you’re wondering why the Taunton land in trust is languishing…’s because Ramona Peters and and her  side kick Jessie Baird are (in) validating the ancient ties to the land.  Yes they are.   What does that tell you?  Neither have any credentials in this arena.  Never stopped them before you might say, but why entrust such a substantial research project to amatuers who will only screw it up. Cause  the Cromwellians are just trying to get paid as long as they can.

Well, all you need to do is examine where we are with the people who campaigned on transparency with the blessings of the CCT and failed to give us a budget for 3 consecutive years.

Anyway, the Cromwell Tobey Administration has serious cash flow problems.  They just got another $2.8 m from Genting and they’re paying off debt and inflated legal fees accrued in August.  They’re already broke.  What government spends $630 k a month…on what?  Certainly not on the 1642 legitimate members of the tribe.

Cedric is so discouraged, he’s talking to anyone who will listen.  He’s whining about the fact that Genting will no longer bank roll his Brain Trust of stealth strategy, to re negotiate the Crappy Compact.   Who doesn’t know that? As we said recently, Genting told them “they are not  in the business of making loans, they are in the gaming business.” They also said Cedric  had to get land into trust under an impossible deadline.

BBO…… Backers Backing Out.

You have Wanda Lord, an expert in losing tribal grants to the tune of millions and millions, dictating to the Cedric by ordering that the tribe pay the USDA loan with Housing Indirect Cost money.  Thus Leon Jacobs has an opening to make his exit.

The Cromwell Tobey crew has never given a damn about tribal government or serving our members.  But the complete degradation  of those services is an indictment of this administration.

As the sun sets on this sorry lot, it also reaffirms their incompetence when they acquiesced to pay Ramona Peters nearly $100 K a year as the Historic Preservation director.  Someone complained that she had not come to work in three weeks.  When has she ever come to work? What does she do ?


Hey…Gotta go. I quit. Ya me Leon Jacobs

Bailing out in a big way.  That would be Leon Jacobs. Another Lumbee  who came on board about 2 years ago making hundreds of thousands of dollars as a consultant serving as Housing Director and Tribal Administrator .  Well the guy has been trying to find someone to take over the troubled and raped Housing department. But no one is qualified to be tribal administrator or Housing Director.  And finally no one wants to work for this crew….including let’s review, Lesley Jonas, Marge and a host of others.

This administration is reduced to interviewing totally unqualified  people.  These people will absolutely  throw up red flags with HUD.  As if this administration needs any more attention.

Drones are hovering over us because the administration is so ghetto.  There is nothing they won’t do to keep that paycheck.  And the Bureau knows that.

Any how, Leon quit …in a huff because the Boobalas  were trying to rob Housing of  its  bill paying money, better known as Indirect Costs. Once again Leon said you can’t do that cause it’s illegal.  You cannot use IDC   money to pay off the USDA loan…..for the infamous Community Center.  That’s why there is no construction going on….as Reel Wamps said earlier.

Leon is just trying to get the hell out before the government shows up and  starts asking him  what the hell was going on under his watch.

The illegal use of  IDC  Housing money is a great excuse  t0 wave goodbye. But it does not eliminate participation in wrongdoing.  The government always asks why didn’t you say something? You knew it was wrong.  But you never said any thing …and you knew what they were doing was wrong.

Just like it does not clear other staffers in the  finance  department of wrongdoing.The other departments have the same problems  and the big question of ” Why didn’t you say something?”

It’s like felony murder. You may not have pulled the trigger, but you did nothing to stop the murder.


Here’s your “Exit Strategy”

Now that the Mashpee Wampanoag have been humiliated world wide, you would think the leaders of this travesty would step aside. Well, “of course they won’t” you say. Being that the Boobalas ( Mark, Cedric and Aaron ), all phoney Indians, would never be able to get a paycheck anywhere in the US.

You have to understand that they’re dragging us straight to Hades with ’em. Yessir !

There’s always hope. Perhaps we can give them an exit strategy….or reasons to resign.

Gimme that weatherization contract.Deposit that to Wamp Worx. Yah!

Mark Harding AKA the Treasurer:
*Has missed 3 meetings and clearly does not have the time to dedicate to serving the tribe.Ha Ha Ha

“Doesn’t care if he gets back in cause he set himself up” ( to continue siphoning off  all construction contracts that he was prohibited from taking as an officer on the Council)

HUD keeps asking him to come in and answer a few questions.

USDA keeps asking him to come in and answer a few questions.

He’s tiered of coming up with new disguises.

Cedric Cromwell  Chairman?

What happened? Nobody likes me.

The stress is killing him.

The high blood pressure, diabetes and Cheryl’s squallin’ is killing him.

He found out that Governor Deval Patrick  is really  not his “bro.”

No one believes he’s a Mashpee.

Tribal members  run from him on sight, and he’s embarrassed that  the extent of his education is a short stint at Roxbury Community College, not U Mass Amherst..

He can’t remember the last lie he told.

He just can’t seem to find the 2009  election sign in sheets.

Buckets of stinking fish heads surrounded his Escalade  after the last disastrous Sunday meeting.

Aaron Tobey the so called Vice Chairman AKA The Great Negotiator                          

What ? Mental capacity. The Compact is great!

BIA officials question the mental capacity of someone who would negotiate  The Crappy Compact.

Everyone’s always questioning  his mental capacity.

Fiance Ronda Jones Hughes is frantically trying to rent out the top floor of the mansion he recently purchased.

His Bomber Jacket Elders are no more but he did a perfect  job demoralizing the real Elders.


We clearly need another assist from the Government.  After the compact fiasco, the magnifying glass is all over these guys and their lawyers over-billing.  $500k in one  month for bad advice.

Aren’t you glad you have Cedric, Mark and Aaron looking out for us?


Unless you’re a Tobey or a Frye, you need not apply

The deterioration of ethics in hiring and the blatant nepotism is just rampant because the administration has abandoned its most basic obligation, and that’s to provide service to the tribal members. No other government is run as poorly as ours. And its inflicted upon us by Cedric, Aaron and Yvonne’s peeps who don’t have a degree between them. That was pointed out in the Harvard assessment that said our government was atrocious.

The Cromwell administration has blamed Reel Wamps for the disastrous outcomes they have brought upon us. Reel Wamps told the truth about what was actually going on and spared no one. Otherwise the misleading Mittark propaganda written by a flak from Boston, would have been the tribes only resource. The core members of the tribe don’t even open it anymore. It’s that serious.

It is so sad that during this critical phase of our growth as a nation, the administration has mismanaged every single program with the acceptation of EPA and Indian Health Services. The Mashpee Wampanoag have suffered for nearly 4 years as a result.

Cedric Cromwell,Aaron Tobey, and Mark Harding have provided us with a trifecta of failure.They have humiliated us with their incompetence and ruined our good name.

If you're not a Tobey or a Frye you need not apply !

This administration continues to lie to members about the Community Building and the hiring practices. Bobby Our is still bumbling around clearing the land around the our original council building. The destruction of the building is another very bad move. It holds a historic place in our ascension to federal recognition and it’s being torn down….just like us. It’s all part of Mark Harding’s plan, which has never been in our best interest.

Back to hiring. The only tribal members working for Our other than Mark Harding (who is keeping the unions out) is PJ Fermino ( Cheryl Frye Cromwell’s son) and Darryl Frye (Cheryl’s brother). The people who keep coming to the site hoping to get work, are told to come back in two weeks or ten days. After a while they stop. Since they react to everything we write….maybe they’ll actually let David Weeden hire someone. Our people need the work. While you’re at it, open the damned Pantry. DO SOMETHING instead of vote buying and fixing tickets.

That’s the dumbest thing you can do. The old Mashpee trick is to take the money and still vote against ya. Are you listening Aaron? “The Great Negotiator” is what they call him in Boston, as they laugh themselves sick.

The latest hiring scam is the notice advertising for an Executive Administrative Assistant for the Mashpee Wampanoag Gaming Commission in Taunton (wink wink). The job requires ” superior administrative support” sure . That job is already been promised to a Tobey.

The Tobey’s and Fryes are so dominant in the Tribal government, it’s easier to count the few who are not. 5 Hicks, 1 Green, 3 Hendricks, 1 Pocknett, 1 Peters. The Tobey Fryebal Council totals 20. Who would bet against those odds? We’re in a loosing proposition.

A disservice and a disgrace

Washburn is serious about protecting tribes

The newly appointed Assistant Secretary of Interior Kevin Washburn was clearly disgusted with our compact.  Washburn was really angry and certainly told the world precisely why it was the worst deal in the country.  Unacceptable.   Washburn, who’s a Chickasaw,  graduated from Yale law school and apparently takes his role as the head of Indian Affairs very seriously. He was also a law professor and a law school dean. He seemed insulted that it was submitted, and that Governor Deval Patrick had the nerve to ask that it be accepted.   The condemnation of the compact was crystal clear. Here are the two areas that everyone knew would kill the deal.

What Washburn said about the  21.5%

While we have approved varying revenue sharing schemes in exchange for tangible benefits to tribes for over 20 years, the revenue-sharing provisions in this compact go ­beyond those permitted by the department or federal law.

Going too far with Aboriginal Rights

Congress expressly sought to prevent states from using gaming compacts to leverage power over sovereign tribes about matters unrelated to gaming.

The rejection letter went on to say that Duval Patrick’s endorsement of the tribes land in trust application for Taunon essentially meant nothing and was far from justification for 21.5% of the tribes casino revenues.

So much for Deval Patrick’s influence with his friend, the President and the President’s agency, that would be the Department of Interior

You can imagine what those people think of us.  It’s incredible that the so called Vice Chairman Aaron Tobey was in on the scam and literally threw the tribe under the bus. It  does not speak well of the Cromwell – Tobey administration.  Of course Cedric’s excuse was that they knew it would be rejected. Who would say that?  It’s just another example of  gross incompetence.

Worst of all the Elders can’t escape the bullying by the Bomber Jacket Elders who took over their  Saturday meeting.

Aaron Tobey was leading the chaotic loud talking mess.  All to try to explain the sellout job.
Renegotiate….there’s still no land in trust. What’s to negotiate ? Bet that land in trust application is a barrel of laughs. Watch for it on Dave Letterman. The Top Ten reasons the Mashpee Wampanoag are such a joke.

The Bureau said ” Hell No “

The Bureau of Indian Affairs rejected the Compact.  No surprise  there.  Poor poor Ceddie another Pepto Bismol  and Tums combo meal for real ! On to Plymouth eh Ceddie?