Hey…Gotta go. I quit. Ya me Leon Jacobs

Bailing out in a big way.  That would be Leon Jacobs. Another Lumbee  who came on board about 2 years ago making hundreds of thousands of dollars as a consultant serving as Housing Director and Tribal Administrator .  Well the guy has been trying to find someone to take over the troubled and raped Housing department. But no one is qualified to be tribal administrator or Housing Director.  And finally no one wants to work for this crew….including let’s review, Lesley Jonas, Marge and a host of others.

This administration is reduced to interviewing totally unqualified  people.  These people will absolutely  throw up red flags with HUD.  As if this administration needs any more attention.

Drones are hovering over us because the administration is so ghetto.  There is nothing they won’t do to keep that paycheck.  And the Bureau knows that.

Any how, Leon quit …in a huff because the Boobalas  were trying to rob Housing of  its  bill paying money, better known as Indirect Costs. Once again Leon said you can’t do that cause it’s illegal.  You cannot use IDC   money to pay off the USDA loan…..for the infamous Community Center.  That’s why there is no construction going on….as Reel Wamps said earlier.

Leon is just trying to get the hell out before the government shows up and  starts asking him  what the hell was going on under his watch.

The illegal use of  IDC  Housing money is a great excuse  t0 wave goodbye. But it does not eliminate participation in wrongdoing.  The government always asks why didn’t you say something? You knew it was wrong.  But you never said any thing …and you knew what they were doing was wrong.

Just like it does not clear other staffers in the  finance  department of wrongdoing.The other departments have the same problems  and the big question of ” Why didn’t you say something?”

It’s like felony murder. You may not have pulled the trigger, but you did nothing to stop the murder.