No Wonda !

If you’re wondering why the Taunton land in trust is languishing…’s because Ramona Peters and and her  side kick Jessie Baird are (in) validating the ancient ties to the land.  Yes they are.   What does that tell you?  Neither have any credentials in this arena.  Never stopped them before you might say, but why entrust such a substantial research project to amatuers who will only screw it up. Cause  the Cromwellians are just trying to get paid as long as they can.

Well, all you need to do is examine where we are with the people who campaigned on transparency with the blessings of the CCT and failed to give us a budget for 3 consecutive years.

Anyway, the Cromwell Tobey Administration has serious cash flow problems.  They just got another $2.8 m from Genting and they’re paying off debt and inflated legal fees accrued in August.  They’re already broke.  What government spends $630 k a month…on what?  Certainly not on the 1642 legitimate members of the tribe.

Cedric is so discouraged, he’s talking to anyone who will listen.  He’s whining about the fact that Genting will no longer bank roll his Brain Trust of stealth strategy, to re negotiate the Crappy Compact.   Who doesn’t know that? As we said recently, Genting told them “they are not  in the business of making loans, they are in the gaming business.” They also said Cedric  had to get land into trust under an impossible deadline.

BBO…… Backers Backing Out.

You have Wanda Lord, an expert in losing tribal grants to the tune of millions and millions, dictating to the Cedric by ordering that the tribe pay the USDA loan with Housing Indirect Cost money.  Thus Leon Jacobs has an opening to make his exit.

The Cromwell Tobey crew has never given a damn about tribal government or serving our members.  But the complete degradation  of those services is an indictment of this administration.

As the sun sets on this sorry lot, it also reaffirms their incompetence when they acquiesced to pay Ramona Peters nearly $100 K a year as the Historic Preservation director.  Someone complained that she had not come to work in three weeks.  When has she ever come to work? What does she do ?