Here’s your “Exit Strategy”

Now that the Mashpee Wampanoag have been humiliated world wide, you would think the leaders of this travesty would step aside. Well, “of course they won’t” you say. Being that the Boobalas ( Mark, Cedric and Aaron ), all phoney Indians, would never be able to get a paycheck anywhere in the US.

You have to understand that they’re dragging us straight to Hades with ’em. Yessir !

There’s always hope. Perhaps we can give them an exit strategy….or reasons to resign.

Gimme that weatherization contract.Deposit that to Wamp Worx. Yah!

Mark Harding AKA the Treasurer:
*Has missed 3 meetings and clearly does not have the time to dedicate to serving the tribe.Ha Ha Ha

“Doesn’t care if he gets back in cause he set himself up” ( to continue siphoning off  all construction contracts that he was prohibited from taking as an officer on the Council)

HUD keeps asking him to come in and answer a few questions.

USDA keeps asking him to come in and answer a few questions.

He’s tiered of coming up with new disguises.

Cedric Cromwell  Chairman?

What happened? Nobody likes me.

The stress is killing him.

The high blood pressure, diabetes and Cheryl’s squallin’ is killing him.

He found out that Governor Deval Patrick  is really  not his “bro.”

No one believes he’s a Mashpee.

Tribal members  run from him on sight, and he’s embarrassed that  the extent of his education is a short stint at Roxbury Community College, not U Mass Amherst..

He can’t remember the last lie he told.

He just can’t seem to find the 2009  election sign in sheets.

Buckets of stinking fish heads surrounded his Escalade  after the last disastrous Sunday meeting.

Aaron Tobey the so called Vice Chairman AKA The Great Negotiator                          

What ? Mental capacity. The Compact is great!

BIA officials question the mental capacity of someone who would negotiate  The Crappy Compact.

Everyone’s always questioning  his mental capacity.

Fiance Ronda Jones Hughes is frantically trying to rent out the top floor of the mansion he recently purchased.

His Bomber Jacket Elders are no more but he did a perfect  job demoralizing the real Elders.


We clearly need another assist from the Government.  After the compact fiasco, the magnifying glass is all over these guys and their lawyers over-billing.  $500k in one  month for bad advice.

Aren’t you glad you have Cedric, Mark and Aaron looking out for us?