Unless you’re a Tobey or a Frye, you need not apply

The deterioration of ethics in hiring and the blatant nepotism is just rampant because the administration has abandoned its most basic obligation, and that’s to provide service to the tribal members. No other government is run as poorly as ours. And its inflicted upon us by Cedric, Aaron and Yvonne’s peeps who don’t have a degree between them. That was pointed out in the Harvard assessment that said our government was atrocious.

The Cromwell administration has blamed Reel Wamps for the disastrous outcomes they have brought upon us. Reel Wamps told the truth about what was actually going on and spared no one. Otherwise the misleading Mittark propaganda written by a flak from Boston, would have been the tribes only resource. The core members of the tribe don’t even open it anymore. It’s that serious.

It is so sad that during this critical phase of our growth as a nation, the administration has mismanaged every single program with the acceptation of EPA and Indian Health Services. The Mashpee Wampanoag have suffered for nearly 4 years as a result.

Cedric Cromwell,Aaron Tobey, and Mark Harding have provided us with a trifecta of failure.They have humiliated us with their incompetence and ruined our good name.

If you're not a Tobey or a Frye you need not apply !

This administration continues to lie to members about the Community Building and the hiring practices. Bobby Our is still bumbling around clearing the land around the our original council building. The destruction of the building is another very bad move. It holds a historic place in our ascension to federal recognition and it’s being torn down….just like us. It’s all part of Mark Harding’s plan, which has never been in our best interest.

Back to hiring. The only tribal members working for Our other than Mark Harding (who is keeping the unions out) is PJ Fermino ( Cheryl Frye Cromwell’s son) and Darryl Frye (Cheryl’s brother). The people who keep coming to the site hoping to get work, are told to come back in two weeks or ten days. After a while they stop. Since they react to everything we write….maybe they’ll actually let David Weeden hire someone. Our people need the work. While you’re at it, open the damned Pantry. DO SOMETHING instead of vote buying and fixing tickets.

That’s the dumbest thing you can do. The old Mashpee trick is to take the money and still vote against ya. Are you listening Aaron? “The Great Negotiator” is what they call him in Boston, as they laugh themselves sick.

The latest hiring scam is the notice advertising for an Executive Administrative Assistant for the Mashpee Wampanoag Gaming Commission in Taunton (wink wink). The job requires ” superior administrative support” sure . That job is already been promised to a Tobey.

The Tobey’s and Fryes are so dominant in the Tribal government, it’s easier to count the few who are not. 5 Hicks, 1 Green, 3 Hendricks, 1 Pocknett, 1 Peters. The Tobey Fryebal Council totals 20. Who would bet against those odds? We’re in a loosing proposition.