The breast cancer stricken tribal member had to walk to the Mashpee Community Health Clinic  a few days ago to deal with her healthcare issues because First Lady Cheryl the Frye Cromwell, once again refused to answer her pleas for hardship money to fix her car.  How this woman  gets to the hospital in  N Falmouth is anyone’s guess, but clearly it’s not TFL’s concern, despite the fact that she’s the Council liaison to the health department ….ain’t that rich?

Lavish events that are of no benefit to the Tribe

Is this the reason for the great Masquerade Ball this weekend ? Attempts to disguise their abuse of people who look to them for emergency services and help? You can’t hide the degradation of this tribe at the hands of those who have never been in leadership positions. It’s not like Cheryl and many others on the Fryebal Council haven’t had their hands out for assistance….as recent as a few years ago.  She should know the pain, the fear, the hopelessness that is married to poverty.  But with death the potential victor, TFL should have shown compassion.  But you can’t even shame Cheryl into having some class. Anyone else would be driving the woman to the hospital themselves, and given her the money.   That’s the photo op Cheryl! All these other fabrications and exaggerations of your education only make people laugh.  It does not bring respect.  Serving people who have experienced what you experienced brings respect.

When the Fryes stole the election in 2009, Cheryl told the Mashpee, ” The Frye’s will be rolling in the doe.”  And we have suffered miserably ever since….and have nearly $80m in debt. Lovely.

AND WE’RE SPENDING $50,000.00 on a food event open house for the government building. It will be run  by a tribal member we all know, who doesn’t have a state food handlers license…she uses her cousins….And she’s out of a job so guess what happens…you’re supposed to serve 1,500 people…bla bla…do you think you’re going to have 1,500 people there? This person is notorious for running out of food…even though she’s ordered 40 bushels of clams…ha. It will be a hot mess….$50,000.00 should have been used to make money instead of spend money on a one shot deal that does not help us let alone feed us. We can’t eat that building.

If you wanted a class act with good indigenous food, and knowledge about serving large crowds, the Chief, Earl Mills should have been involved, and Janet.  They can cook, and manage food service properly. None of this is real. Just disgusting.

Next….the Gaming Authority end run around the Tribal Constitution.