Todays Big Payday

It’s budget day and tribal members will decide if we keep paying big money for unfulfilled promises, or try to start over. Removing the Mashpee Wampanoag Gaming Authority from the budget with an ordinance does not make it so.  The Tribe is responsible for deciding that because it’s mandated in the Constitution ….which is the ultimate legal authority. Cedric the Tobey and Navajo Joe know this but they are very desperate right now and so is Yvonne, Trish, and Robbie ….because they pay for all that bad legal advice, worthless consulting, and really awful PR out of this slush fund and who knows who else.  Remember Genghis Khan? That bad boy’s been having a field day with that Mashpee Wampanoag Gaming Authority. He has a tax ID number an everything….ask Ceddie.

Genghis has a Tax ID number with the Mashpee Wampanoag Gaming Authority. Direct deposit to a Swiss account.

But the vote on this budget ( which is the first time we’ve ever had one in 5 years…all those other budgets and loans were illegal).  If the Tribe votes it down, expect Cedric to proceed with his illegal funding of the Gaming Authority.  Also expect it to trigger an investigation and more federal lawsuits.

The grand opening of the government center was interesting.  Big shortage all around on Tribal members and elected officials…only 2 out of about 15,( including the governor MIA) were in attendance for Cedric’s pontifications and blather about the project that was secured and  funded by USDA  under the PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION, This guy has never had an original or cohesive idea in his life.  Remember…  he didn’t know what the Tribal Roll was and had to coached on getting his paper work together to become a legal member of the Tribe (2006).  Too much Dorchester and Roxbury Community College influence.

But again its all about getting a donut  for $80m.  If we could eat that building (built on a swamp) now that would be worth something.