Hardship on blast

How soon she forgot how tough life is.

This $24,000,000 budget has become  controversial, largely because it’s a lot of money flowing to everyone but us. Cedric the Tobey, and his charming wife Cheryl are worried. Very worried about this budget going up in flames. They are telling the few people they actually talk to, that a no vote on the budget will end the ‘hardship’ allocation.

Alright, alright, alright.

They won’t tell you who gets the money, how much, or how often…..but we do know the criteria;


  • Must be  Council members
  • Must be employed by the Tribe
  • Last name must begin with F and end with e

But the real story involves our cold blooded First Lady.  A tribal member  with breast cancer pleaded with her for hardship money to repair her car so she could get back and forth for treatment.  Not only did Cheryl the Frye Cromwell hang up on the woman, she wouldn’t answer the call back.

A disabled member could not get help with first and last months rent to have a place to live. Other similar stories unfold repeatedly where members who need help don’t get it. Whether it’s from the ‘hardship slush fund’ or Housing…nothing happens for us. It’s all about them.

Oh and Dr. Jo, all that talk about that “outside independent audit” is absurd.Who believes that something like that is even possible with this crew eh Dine? Go to HUD and ask them to do an audit and point to Leon Jacob’s shady deals.While you’re at it can you talk to them about “Tah Tah’s'” unauthorized Housing survey and her lying about applications for renovations and such.  She’s completely out of control and continues to harass tribal members for personal information.


The meeting on Wednesday is being held in the middle of the day so the membership cannot attend. They will make changes to the election law, which is a directive from Genting and that mysterious Gaming Authority that gets over $12m a year, totally unaccounted for.

As Authority members,Yvonne,Trish, Bobby, Cedric and Robbie spend over a million dollar a month, totally unaccounted for, supposedly on a casino strategy that has generated a donut.The Pequots will build in Fall River while Plainville has already broken ground on a casino and we’ve spent  nearly $40m to line someones pockets and of course pay Cedric the Tobey.

We could have had a restaurant or two, several aqua-farms, guided tours and a number of businesses in place that would employ our people. Forty million dollars goes a long way when when there’s no casino in sight.   We have nothing.

Oh wait, we have another proposed $12 million tribal operations budget that no one can make sense of that has  at 3% raise in it.  What the tribal employees don’t know is that the fine print says its for Council members only.

By the way, Dr Jo, we presume you know that 4 administrators are leaving…in a hurry.  We don’t have any services anyway so  who cares !!!

The $15 m building (@ 21% interest) is still screwed up, but maybe with some mayonnaise and mustard, it’ll taste better eh Dr Jo ?