Come on Joan, take a civics course

Cedric plays on Tribal members desperate hopes for a casino to get them out of poverty. He spends millions in unaccounted Genting money that has not helped one needy Tribal member.

Hey Joan Avant….review your civics lesson girl. In case you don’t know the US Supreme Court rules our world.  Just like they ruled in the Carcieri case that the Department of Interior could not take (our) land into trust, that means only the Congress can fix the law to its satisfaction. And the Congress isn’t thinking about fixing LIT.  Google it and see what’s going on with the Carcieri Fix. Dead in committee. Nothing. What you need to do is ask why we’re spending a million dollars a month on lawyers and consultants who can’t change that.  We have the worst most incompetent crew on earth making fools of us and  getting paid.

Cedric knows most people don’t know how any of this works.  He wants you to vote for that budget….to give you hope of that pot of gold. He wants to keep getting paid and string you along.  Ya girl…and your niece is right in there nodding her head so you can spread it all around….and nothing ever happens, cause they know you don’t know how the White man runs things….cause you never been involved and you aren’t educated.

Cedric is playing you like a guitar, cause you don’t know any better.

An opinion to the contrary of the US Supreme Court by the Department of Interior means nothing….it’s just another opinion, like yours, mine and even the President could say he believes we can have our land taken into trust by his DOI…..BUT IT ISN’T LEGAL CAUSE THE US SUPREME COURT SAYS IT AIN’T.

Come on Joan….that’s why they call them the US Supreme Court. It’s the last stop. Come on girl….come on….Cedric wants you to believe that he can get us that casino. This is his hustle to get paid… got paid lately? You made any of that 80 million dollars?

Maybe he’s got a magic act or something…5 years and counting….and the donut.

Joan Avant….last of the believers.

Will the last Mashpee bring the flag.