Housing Director Quits…Council calls Emergency Meeting today

Oh boy.  They said old Ronnie wouldn’t last….and they were right.  He resigned as Housing Director and there’s an Emergency Council Meeting going on right now.  Word is certain Council members want to get rid of “Navajo Sue” the tribal administrator.  Drula just ain’t working out people. Watch for Navajo Joe to disappear next.  The DOJ ain’t no joke.

Also Stephanie Toby Rodrick is either giving notice or was given notice by ICWA.  It was reportedly 30 days.  Looks like drug counseling is more to her liking than the poorly run Indian Child Welfare Act  Program.

As the money from Genting dries up, so do the jobs.  You won’t even get those pathetic $30 monthly food cards anymore.

Cedric and his Fryebal Council treat you birds like royalty don’t they?