The case of the roaming ballot box

Diluted Mashpee votes

It’s so damned stupid, it’s funny but  you actually feel sorry for Kimmie Frye in the end.  Anyhow, when the election was over, the ballot box was put in the trunk of her car.  Right.  Well you know where that car was going.  Straight to Dino’s where Kimmie and crew proceeded to get good and drunk….somebody wet themselves in the bar….somebody vomited according to the bartenders.  But we know that all made it home and showed up to work late Monday.  Kimmie did a good job of hiding from Richard Oakley Monday who filed the first wave of challenges to Navajo Joe’s election ” to preserve and protect his burgeoning pay check.”

The second day she couldn’t  duck Oakley who showed up with the paperwork for the recount and handed it right to her.  She groaned. Navajo Joe turned and went in another direction and Harding kept talking about this meeting he had to go to. Why’s he still hanging around? You know why.

Well, Kimmie was just outdone.  She really thought she was all dignified during the election. Her family was  in there working the election while Navajo Joe sat in the audience laughing and grinning. He was doing his “I’m so superior” smirk.  It was like he knew the outcome. Imagine.  Total confidence.

Kimmie and Valerie M transferred the (unsecured) ballot box from her car to the Housing van along with the voting booths.  They returned the booths to the town.

Where’s the ballot box and the voter sign in sheets? Who the hell knows?   Again people.  Those troublesome sign in sheets with all our signatures on it.  A record of who voted.  Legal and illegal voters.  The number of voters would also be revealed. You would know if your vote has been diluted by illegal voters who are also on there as Oakley alleges.  You could probably get a pretty good idea about voter fraud which is a very serious federal offense.

Okay, so Oakley gets his recount tomorrow.  But he won’t be allowed to see the sign in sheets.  So what’s the point?

Have the 2013 sign in sheets  disappeared too?

A recount is worthless without the sign in sheets. More evidence indeed. So much to hide from so many eyes.