Certifiably stupid

Just give up the license and stop humiliating us.

The Tribe has had 0 success with the “Itty Bitty Taunton Casino.” And now Cedric revealed that the second compact has the Tribal casino located at the Taunton Galleria Mall. There’s no  purchase agreement with the Galleria owners. It’s no where near likely to happen either.

So let’s review. Cedric’s million dollar lawyers go in and negotiate another “Crappy Compact” and lie about the actual casino location.  It’s probably because the land they actually have is only about 40-50 acres and could not accommodate a $500 m resort casino…so they substituted the Galleria. The Galleria folks were clueless. A few years ago the asking price was around $120m. Great….just what we need more debt to Genting.

Well you can imagine what the Gaming Commission thinks. The dishonesty is too much. The stupidity is overwhelming…but for competitors it’s a giddy moment. This latest screw up only confirms that Cedric just can’t pull this off let alone resolve the federal problems. This is yet another episode adding more serious delay….and making the case to give the license away.

No wonder Cedric was stumbling and mumbling through Brooke’s talking points at the hearing. Shovel ready….shovel ready…digging our grave.