Whirlybird Maneuvers

Cedric Cromwell continues to amaze observers with his unorthodox strategies for self preservation.  According to

Cedric adds the whirlybird hat to his costume collection

several news reporters from Middleboro and Taunton, he actually commandeered  a helicopter to search for land for his commercial casino. He really did. Of course everyone knows it’s impossible to determine land boundaries from the air,  but then again, Cedric is not exactly a bastion of intelligence. It does explain how he settled on Taunton and the evolution of the brand now known as CeddieLou’s Whirlybird Maneuvers.

Herrin’:  “This Taunton business gets worse by the minute don’t it?”

Roe: “Yaas Yaas. No money for the tribal members.  Payola for his  crew and  lot of debt.  Question is, who’s suing us today?”

Herrin’: ” Hell, they ain’t suing me…they’re suing Cedric, Aaron, Marie Tah Tah, Markie Harding, and all those on the Council members who pledged allegiance to Cedric.  Guess Middleboro is at the top of the list. We don’t know how much they want.”

Roe: ” Nope. Don’t know. That’s a hard one for the Governor to ignore. ”

Herrin’: ” Yup, and  there’s the original investors. The Governor made sure that was written into the law.”

Roe: ” Didn’t he though? ”

Play Herrin' n Roe's pool. Gamble without interest !

Herrin’:  ” Well he has his reasons. ”

Roe : ” Yaas,  Cedric can’t play in that game cause he ain’t the sharpest knife in the draw.  ”

Herrin’ : “Yah but who looks for land from a damned helicopter ?”

Roe: ” Cedric.”‘

Herrin’: “He picks the worst spot in the whole state…all broken up and costing three times what it’s worth”

Roe: “Well maybe that’s the reason for the helicopters. You know, fly the gamblers from spot to spot since its all separated.”

Herrin’: ” Yah that’s it.  Instead of a water park, we’ll  have helicopter rides and call it Whirlybird Manuevers !”

Roe: ” I gotta better one.  How about Bad Deal Keeps Gettin’ Worse. Or We Don’t Make a Dime for 20 years.

Herrin’ : “Well ya know Minnie Ah Hah is selling tickets to today’s Sunday Meeting.  She’s gonna make a bundle.  Cedric puts on a clown show outta this world.”

Roe: ” Them New Bedford illegals don’t know any better, but we do.  I got a pool going….bettin’ on how many lies Cedric tells during the meetin’ another one for how many White people he trots out to lie for him.”

Herrin’ : ” We gotta get paid some kinda way.”

Roe : ” Damn right boy…and Genting ain’t chargin’ us 17%.”

Herrin’: ” Don’t brag.  It don’t take much to out smart Grungy, or what’s his name? Lip Licker, his cousin.  The Tobes! ”

Roe: ” Well you got those fish heads and pine cones? Nellie says members are itchin’ to throw ’em at Grungy.”

Herrin: “Yah I got ’em. ”

Roe: ” They say throwin’ fish heads and pine cones is an old Wamp stress reliever.”

Herrin’: “Who don’t know that.”

Roe: “Cedric.”

Herrin: ” Norman said come by for a beer.”

Roe: ” Les go.”