A Thing or Two for You to Consider

THING 1:  We at ReelWamps have been at this business for a couple of years now, swimming against the currents of conformity and snapping at the heels of  corruption—and mixing a metaphor from time to time.  It is not easy to be a dissident voice.  I personally would rather be writing something uplifting, or entertaining, like short stories or love poetry.  Hell, I would rather be writing greeting cards than this.  But it remains thus; some one has to do it.  When the Tribal leadership continues to lie, and take every opportunity to snooker the naive among us, I, and I’m sure my colleagues here at ReelWamps will persevere in standing up and pointing to the truth.  So, stay with us and tell your friends about us.

THING 2:  Lies need to be buttressed by other lies and on and on.  Truth stands alone.  The information that has been posted on this blog (aside from the obvious satire—we need to have fun sometimes) is well thought out and researched.  I can’t recall any time that the Cromwell gang has been able to successfully contradict anything we have said.  Oh, sure, there is that abortive attempt by Paula Peters to blog against us, but apparently she has abandoned that.  I don’t blame her.

See you up the page, folks…