A Fantasy Come True

There was a time when rules and protocol governed Sunday tribal meetings .  The rules were that non Indian spouces could attend the meetings but were not allowed to ask questions or vote.  There used be respect for tribal members having the ability to dialogue with thier government leaders. Now we have Sunday meetings  where these spouces run their mouths with great authority, asking “He Who Lies A Lot” questions she  has no right to ask.

You know who we’re talking about.  ….Diane Bassett.

Diane has told the White people in Middleboro that she can deliver the Tribe so we can have our casino and live happily ever after.  She probably didn’t tell them that HWLA did his usual “Boobabble” then broke camp when time was up in his usual less than manly fashion. Diane has been leading the charge for this administration since 2008.  She mislead Middleboro into thinking she had some influence with the tribe and she wasn’t even a member…just a mouthy condesending spouce who can’t stop..  The very people she backed walked away from the only real deal we had for a casino. And in it’s place gave Fall River nearly $5 million for the FALL RIVER BOONDOGGLE.

HWLA keeps borrowing money, in our name to pay himself , and the huge note ( over $250,000 a month) to the Malaysians. HWLA hired a lot of Mark Hardings friends who had no influence or knowledge of the process and milked us mercilesly delivering nothing…. So here we are people.  The pro’s hired by the “previous Administration” delivered.  Cedric, Aaron and Mark have us in reverse at about 250 miles an hour…no progress..not one financial report in 2 years, and nothing to show for over $20 m in loans.  We just keep getting no for an answer.