Council Follies

So much foolishness… little time.

Knowing that  the Indians have left the Tribe, the CromwellRegime decided to have the Elections Committee, lead by Paula Peters, draft up  the dreaded Absentee Ballot  scheme.  That would alllow Tribal members to vote by mail….that is all those tribal members put on the roll by credentials magician Jessie ” Little Doe ” (Tobey) White Baird who conviently disappeared after she screwed everything up and loaded the  rolls.  Anyway, all those outsiders put on cause they thought Cedric would make them casino rich, would totally consume the tribe because  the true members have never supported the Tobey Administration.

Never mind that it’s a violation of the constitution.  Who cares…they spend  Malaysian money, borrowed in our namelike it’s their personal checking account . Then Cedric tried to make it legal after the know after writing all those thousands of dollars in checks to his Tobey relatives, one who’s got the nerve to run this election….Tobeyland lives. Let ’em have it. And the jail time too. It ain’t Mashpee, is it?

To the Left to the LeftThe New Seabury crowd is so annoyedThe trailers up against the road are trashy as they are tacky.  And Mashpee Indians said that it ain’t going to work….course the Tobyland wanabees put the trailers up there anyway and now the only program that is viable in the tribe…. Indian Health Services..cause its run by the Feds, has the white people pissed off about location…do Beyonce  baby….to the left to the left..