Trish & Laura… Oh Boy!!

Low voter turnout & voter appathy…what do you get … Trish and Laura. For the first time in the history of the tribe almost 1/3 of the votes were blank ballots and write-ins of family members who had passed on. That’s one hell  of a message to Cedric who has great difficulty getting a quorum, has no audio record of meetings and a bigger problem  following the constitution. These are serious legal issues that won’t be ignored any longer.  Get them Tums boy!

Election brings Wamps  back from the grave
Herrin’: Gonna be some kinda election today.
Roe: ” Ya…it’s become very mystical they tell me, since nobody wants to vote for the candidates the Council picked for the ballot.”
Herrin: ” That Tobey girl says she’s Mrs Etta Tobey…she’s the one who asks questions all the time and her cousin Cedric  doesn’t answer . She thinks she’s O’Keefe don’t she?”
Roe: ” She’s a clerk is what she is.  And that other Tobey  she’s wacky and  still owes the tribe.
Herrin’: ” Well there are some Mashpee runnin’…Bobby, who still owes the tribe for the 2008 pow wow, Trish, Miss Go Along to Get Along.  And Bruzzy…you know Bruzzy…whoever’s in power.
Roe: ” Trish is the reason we have this illegal mess going on.  In 2009, she released the voter list to Joanne and  Carrol loaded it with pending voters after she and Paula called them tellin’ them to vote.”
Herrin’: ” Ya….and she also kicked Patty and Rhoda outta the election so they weren’t there to throw out the illegal voters. There were  complete strangers votin’. ”
Roe: ” Trish was allowed to change the rules on Election Day 2009 and we’re damn sure paying for it now. No one stepped up to stop her…no one.”
Herrin’: ” Well there’s a slate  goin’  around  ya know…Mr Ferdnand, Eddie Amos, Jeff Hicks, Mr. Steve, Mrs Mable…
Roe: ” What about Mrs Etta ?”
Herrin: ” She said she can’t be bothered.”
Roe: ” Well all them people have passed away!”
Herrin’:” Well it’s better than who we gut on the ballot.”
Roe: “Damned Right boy….let’s go get some fish from Norm…”

Tomorrow—The Tribe Demands Free Democratic Elections with QUALIFIED CANDIDATES …… HA HA HA HA