“This government can’t be held accountable right now,” says Tah Tah

Oh is that so Marie Stone?  Could it be because you do not have accurate records of the minutes of this runaway tribal regime? The failure to do your job as is mandated in the constitution  is well known.  You attack your colleagues when it suits you and defend them likewise.

You as an active member of  the Cromwell administration have participated in much of the wrongdoing, yet you sue them in a court you admit is a sham.

Marie Stone needs help.  She does not need to be coddled.  She has no business voting on issues impacting tribal members or setting policy with her well known issues.

The fact that Cedric tries to buy her silence is a testament to the serious problems with our tribal government. The fact that Cecric has no  record of the millions doled out to God knows who should be of particular interest to the federal government so should Robbie’s failure to  do his job as treasurer. The Constitution says he is the Chief Financial Officer which also means he allowed all  this to happen.  Course Marge has a bigger role.

Robbie told tribal members at the Rod and Gun Club, ” I can’t play God and change the rules.” No your can’t.  Just do your job. Robbie is pitiful.  He keeps telling everyone that Cedric won’t let him do this or do that. Robbies the only man in the tribe afraid of Cedric.

When everything goes up in flames, you think Cedric’s going to admit that he told you to ignore blatant wrong doing? You have to admit that you did nothing and that you were complicit …..or start telling what you  know.