Christmas gifts and wish list



The Tribal members finally got something from the Cromwell administration.   After careful thought  the ever resourceful  Jessie and Tah Tah decided to turn the flooded government center basement into a sauna by building fires around the sinking  exterior. If that doesn’t work, a sweat lodge is the next order of the day.

Tribal members surprised Michelle Fernandes with a gift certificate  to help her  battle her delusional issues.  Michelle told the Cape Cod Times that we should be grateful to her because ” she saved the tribe” from a bad deal with Middlebroro. Tribal members extended their generosity  to also include a basic math course at CCCC.   Michelle has difficulty calculating and understanding that the Middleboro land  (537 contiguous acres) cost $6 m and the Taunton parcel  (about 76 of 147 acres of disconnected  buildable land) for $39 m is almost 8x’s more money for far less property. Also paying the Middlebro investors back at 6% interest is a lot cheaper than paying Genting back at 17% interest. Elementary  school students understand that $15 m is less than the anticipated $92 m that has no benefit to the tribal members. The original deal involving the expenditure of $15 m to hire professionals to navigate  the legalities of  recognition was done over a 10 year period.  Money well spent.  Again there is NOTHING to show for the $70m- $92m debt.  As a matter of fact we have far less service to tribal members now than we did under Glenn Marshall or Shawn Hendricks.

Tribal members also gave Michelle an alarm system.  It keeps her from having a few too many drinks and running her mouth about certain people.  Michelle said she did it all and a certain elder did nothing to bring down the previous administration.Whoever did whatever did us no favors as we  all know now. Well the person she told went right back and told on Michelle, who was reportedly recorded boasting about how instrumental she was. Michelle thinks she’s pretty powerful. Maybe not so much She’s worked for both administrations and has been fired by both administrations and still owes the tribe thousands of dollars. She was advanced  the money by the Marshall Administration ( which included Cedric, Cheryl, Yvonne etc..) on a grant she never got. She promised to pay it back but she never did.  So her issue with amnesia needs to be addressed also.  Since all the tribal members know about that little deal….no need for a git certificate.  

As Tah Tah told the CCT, “This government can’t be held accountable right now,” Yup.  Everyone knows that. And we have no legal system with any enforcement powers, that fact was also conceded by Tribal Judge Robert Mills.  Whatever happened to ole Socabasin ? So Stephanie Tobey takes the malfeasance  to a real court.  The federal court.  Well you need a lawyer Stephanie. You know, like the lawyers that  worked for us to get us recognition? You can’t expect a federal judge to muddle through all your emails and American Express records.  You gotta get a lawyer to put it in order. Clearly he’s interested in evaluating your case so do it the proper way.

Since Cedric refuses to comment directly. He’s worried.  The lame responses make that clear.  So hopefully the gift certificates do us some good.