Standing up talking, shoulda been sitting down listening.

The only thing worse than Native Americans being portrayed in cartoonish stereotypes by whites is a Native standing before a crowd and actually being one.  Last night’s performance by Jessie “Little Doe” Baird not only did nothing to advance the case she thought she was trying to make, but may have continued the Cromwell administration’s buffonish slide to near universal scorn.  Under the Russell Peters and Glenn Marshall administrations, and those that came before, the Tribe won many friends and allies.  It was a good time.  Many doors began to open at last, doors that are now beginning to close.

When you are on the outside of a door, and the Montreal Express begins to blow, it is not such a good idea to yell insults at the owners of that door.  Skinheads and xenophobes and NIMBYs, oh my!  Those epithets are guaranteed to win friends—NOT!  It’s going to get mighty cold out here, Jess.  May I make a suggestion?  Put a sock in it.  You have, up until now, made quite a name for yourself.  You have accomplished something that few have.  You have something you are good at.  Stick to it.  Leave the speeches to those who know how.