Millions of $$$$ unaccounted for

Many Council members have the authority to sign checks.  Marge issues them and here’s who has the authority to sign them : Cedric Cromwell, Jessie Baird, Marie Stone, Robbie Hendricks, Yvonne Frye Avant and get this….Francie Daughton a staffer.  It’s just too much.

Robbie Hendricks needs to be the Treasurer more than in name only for God sakes.  He doesn’t know who’s spending what on whom and the Gaming Commission slush fund spends $1.2 million a month…. on what ?  What? There are piles of check recs on his desk every Monday and he never goes through them, never asks any questions and let’s Marge do her thing.

Robbie needs to do his job instead of saying all the bad stuff  happened before he got there. Look what’s going on now. He needs to remember, they locked him out of the office for 10 days, did who knows what to the records and the computers and Marge still runs the books cause because Robbie allows it. Robbie never did the audit he needed to do  because Cedric told him it wasn’t necessary and Robbie went for it.  So the free flowing excess has continued because Robbie didn’t want to do ” a lot of work.”  Where’s our food pantry Robbie ? Come on boy!

These people signing checks are paying everyone but us.