Persecution Plus

Jessie Baird put on quite a show in Taunton before God and the BIA. Her

Jessie can't shake her inheritance.

outrageous comments had nothing to do with the issue and everything to do with Jessie’s need to be seen and heard.  The meeting was perfunctory because the environmental part of our still incomplete application for land in trust is frozen in time until the Congress decides they want to thaw us out. It was a rudimentary hearing that was part of the treadmill we’re on  that goes no where. Anyway, Jessie starts her foolishness and she’s not even on point.  Her clap trap.  Her assault on White people for all  the wrongs done to us. Jessie apologizes, Cedric apologizes in the White newspapers, but on the Tribal Facebook page he starts name calling too, like she’s a heroine.   Let’s talk about persecution.   She had the nerve to get up and talk about persecution when she’s part of the persecution of her own people.  The flagrant abuse, lies and malfeasance. Oh yeah, she knows about it. She makes $98 K a year does nothing but travel  and demands an assistant to help her waste more money and do nothing.   Besides, Jessie seized  the moment  in Taunton because she knows that if she pulled that crap in a tribal meeting someone would tell her to sit down and shut up.  She’s always making things up…Like the assertion that we came from pine needles and sea foam.   Yah, that’s our historic  tie to Taunton.  That’s in the LIT application.  She’s exhausting.

The Mystery at the Museum Continues


Ramona, happy at last

Okay, it was confirmed to tribal members that the Bourne chair was stolen, removed, taken….whatever.  The sources say it’s back because we said it was stolen in the first place.  Anyway, true to form there’s more cover up because the volunteers who actually man the museum and set the place up, have been told not to come back. The paid employee ( who planted trees and did a lot of painting and actually worked), has been locked out of the museum with the volunteers.  Of course Ramona Peters demanded a $100K in salary increases in a knock down drag out in the Council meeting and hired paid workers who are very close personal friends with little knowledge of our history or the artifacts. So let’s get this straight, you fire, a hard working employee  and the people who volunteer and know stuff and hire your close  friends. Reportedly, the museum is now being transformed into the ” Avant House.” That should be fascinating. Not a museum.  As we said in our previous post.  The ” Avant House” is not part our Wampanoag history….but the Attaquin House isJust the latest  madness allowed to go unchecked, for now.

Water in the Basement  Baby

Okay, the so called government building is badly flawed. Actually that’s an understatement.  Its a freaking mess.  They painted the walls and the walls have gigantic cracks in them.   The basement is full of water and flooded because it’s one foot above the swamp. Right.  They had to go out and hire a new engineer to the tune of $ 2million to fix it because they didn’t want to keep paying the old engineer for the screw up.  Course anyone in Mashpee could have told Cedric and his outsider construction  foreman that they were building on a swamp.  So the “f ups” that we know about cost  $ 3 million.  Think about the pantry, the insulation, the window repairs and services  for the Hendricks’s, Peters’s, Hicks’s, Pocknett’s, Mills’s that will never happen.  Fat chance.  The pantry was supposed to open Nov 1….Yah. You can’t even shame the Tobey-Frye Tribe into being decent.  They just keep collecting those checks and having socials that the real tribal members don’t attend.