Cedric goes to Taunton

We just found out that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is closing its mental health facility at Taunton, now we hear that Cedric Cromwell wants to build a casino there.  Out with the nuthouse and in with the nutjobs.  Might I suggest to the people of Taunton that they have some serious conversations with some folks in Middleborough?  Ceddie fancies himself to be quite the hustler, and you can be sure that those 4,000 jobs will be reduced by the number that he will use to pay off all the questionable “tribe members” that he bought votes from in the 2009 election.  You can also be sure that Genting will bring in their own people to kinda keep an eye on things.

The proposed site at Liberty and Union Industrial Park

I already see the resistance from the people of Taunton, and personally, I think it is time to abandon the whole idea and sever our ties with Genting.  As we have all found out, tribe members will receive no benefits until Genting is paid off.  Well, that contradicts the whole justification for even pursuing a casino, doesn’t it.  Hell, many of us will be dead before we see a penny, but our tribal council has been living the life of Riley.  We, the rank and file owe nothing to Genting, and should not have to pay them back.  When the leg-breakers come, they will be coming for you, Ced, Mark, Marie, and Aaron.