A message from Mr. Roe

We got an email from Mr. Roe:

Hi folks, Roe here.  My grand-nephew just set up this computer box for me.  taught me surfin and email and shit.  maybe I shoulda left well enough alone.

Now I ain’t got much schoolhouse but I can add and subtract.  Seems to me that Cedric is borrowin millions of dollars to build a casino so we can pay back them millions.  Whatnahell do we get?  People pissed at us for buildin a casino?  I’d rather take my chances down the bay, even with my bad back I can still pull in a peck o ‘hogs.  Anyway, I’ll be fartin dust fore I see a penny.

Your ol frind,


Mr. Roe can see right through this ruse, can you?  We get nothing until Genting gets theirs.

No thanks.