$24 million up in smoke

For the first time Sunday,  tribal members are supposed to be voting on a budget. A $24 million budget.  Since you get absolutely nothing for all the millions Cedric and crew get paid…you’re asking, “for what? ”  Well you know the answer.  Nothing.

The tribe did not vote on budgets in 2009, 2010 or 2011 that’s  3 constitutional violations.  The Council is supposed to approve the budget before it comes to the tribe for a vote .  Including 2012, the 3 previous violations bring the  fiscal meltdown to 8  constitutional violations.

All of sudden they’re trying to act right? Eeeeeeeeh.

And Mark Tilden is trying to say  that the Council can make you vote by  hand,  as opposed to a secret ballot.  Well of course that’s not true. The previous Admin. let you vote by secret ballot with no worry.  There’s no law anywhere that says the Council has that authority. This is coming from the so called lawyer who  tried to wrench paper work from 85 year old Aunt Dart’s blue folder. That was the last scam with the Federal Charter that would have made Cedric and crew in charge of the tribe for life. Jez…is there no end?

And Jessie got up in the Council meeting this week praising Mark Tilden and Lou..Cedric’s brain.  You know she thinks people don’t know about her and her foolishness.  She really believes everyone has amnesia.  She can fool the White people with all that phoney Injun double talk…but not the tribe. Where’s  her Bachelors? Where’s her Masters? Isn’t it just a certificate? Sure it is.  We won’t go any further.

A private vote is not in the best interest of  Grungy Boy right now.

Now, most of you will probably get a copy of this so called budget Tuesday after the meeting, so you can look it over (wink wink)… but it doesn’t matter cause this sudden  urge thing is an indictment.   More tricky numbers that are baseless.

What do you compare  it to? Right.  You can’t vote for something that can’t be validated.  Show up…vote it down, by ballot.  Protect yourself and go home.

Hey Jessie….don’t forget to give us a prayer.