A Facinating Horror Story

Reel Wamps receives so much information from so many people, we literally cannot keep up.  We try to stay out of the weeds and deliver the information that is verifiable and most important to the real  tribal members.

There are hundreds  who read this .com  every day. They are not only tribal members.  They are government officials on the highest levels,  reporters,  friends  of the tribe, the old investors, Middleboro folks, Mashpee officials,  other tribes, just a lot of people absorbing this information every day.

It’s  a mesmerizing horror story.  To see the  undoing of a people who finally had hope for the future,  only  to be exploited by the worst and the most minimal people in their small tribe. It happened.

More astounding, is the fact that the bottom feeders were ushered in by one  of the rejected who could never capture the attention of the leaders who got us recognition.  Vengeance is blinding.  Now she’s humiliated and responsible for the destruction of the tribe her father, family and tribal cousins helped finally acquire respect.

It’s fascinating because it just keeps getting worse.

It’s like turning a blind eye to the bludgeoning of someone  on the sidewalk, and walking by because you don’t want to get involved.

But keep tuning in to see how bad it is today.

It’s pretty  bad. A review.

  • The Council voted on the Card Board Box Budget 5 days after it was supposed to, in a complete violation of the Constitution.  It was supposed approve the budget before submitting it to the tribe.
  • Marie  Ta Ta  no doubt, is more agitated because the Forrestdale offices of Project First Light, and the other tribe, are supposed to be closed.  The fact that she would have to show up in Mashpee is more terrifying for Marie than for the outsiders because she is Mashpee and  she has to answer to people when she is able.

Then there is Genting throwing crumbs to the Elders in an attempt to buy them off.  Joanne Frye is the Overseer.  The Elders have no Overseer. Cedric is closing the Pantry (raided by the Council staff).  So Joanne will now hand out gift cards from Stop and  Shop to those in need.  1 for you, 2 or 3 for the Frybal Council. The Fryes have 14 sisters, cousins etc on the payroll of the tribe. No one knows.    That’s over half of the workforce.

Imagine that.