Come on !

Just because we don’t know what to do yet, doesn’t mean we don’t know what you’re doing to us. Obviously Mark Tilden’s sudden interest in the Mashpee Wampanoag Constitution election law is predicated upon protecting the Frybal Council (staff) lead by union leader Yvonne Frye (Avant?). First Lady Cheryl, also up for re election with her cousin, is trying to hang on for another year and another $140,000 worth of salary.

Yvonne can't be out of a job now

The shameless transparency of Navajo Joe’s cash cow operation is supposed to be explained away at the special meeting Sat. Funny he’s never followed the Constitution before. In fact he was constantly being forced to adhere to the constitution during last year’s bizarre election. That was because Traditionalists forwarded proof of his violations of the law and filed suit in federal court. All that information was forwarded to the BIA for the record so they couldn’t say they didn’t know.

Cheryl has run out of ribbon cuttings

The Tribe should have an election in 2014 and another election in 2015.
The tribe should not be made to suffer with those two because they want to keep getting a check.
Course Yvonne and Cheryl know their popularity is waning. Kimmie can’t throw another election for her brother in law no less her sister and first cousin. She’s not allowed to be involved with the next election and all of a sudden they’re saying we have to wait.

Kimmie put the 2013 ballot box in her car and went into Dino's to tie one on.

Cheryl and Yvonne don’t want to risk it. But the families should have the opportunity to unite behind candidates and rid the Council of two of the worst, most self serving members ever to finagle their way on to that board.

And if we don’t have the good sense to do it….we have no one to blame but ourselves.