Liars and Pikers and Bears, Oh My!

Hey, I guess that ReelWamps has some new fans (or foes).  Somebody poked the hornets nest by posting an item from here concerning the wayward payroll funds and asked a question.  Seriously, guys, leave that to the pros.  My goodness, the Frye/Tobeys jumped on this like they have some kind of personal stake in defending the performance of the Cromwell regime’s operations.  Anyway, I’d like to draw your attention to one sentence of one response:

[Nancy Frye Rose]  “…Its to bad there’s a blog that does nothing but post untruths, lies and exaggerations. Shame on those who use the world wide web for negativity!”

Do I need to remind you people of the events of just a few years back, when that same web was being used for “negativity?”  There were almost daily assaults on the Tribal leadership then, on the internet and in the media.  That was when certain individuals and groups wanted to embarrass, harass, remove, and destroy the people that they were demonizing.  They employed outsiders, like  Peter Kenney, to spread his lies and invective in his column on  Or the Boston Globe calumnist (sic) Sean Murphy who falsely claimed that Tribal lawyer Bill McDermott wrote the Tribe’s constitution.  Who gave him that lie?  Then let’s not forget the columns in the Cape Cod Times written by Paula Peters, when she wasn’t stalking Glenn Marshall.

“…untruths, lies and exaggerations?”  Hurt your feelings much?  How about greed, corruption, and cronyism?  Does that not do real damage to our Tribe’s reputation and collective welfare?  What about the Cromwell gang’s repeated efforts to stamp out dissent, obfuscation,  and outright lying?

Don’t like being criticized?  Get used to it, it ain’t gonna stop as long as the Cromwell gang controls our Tribe.  Solution?  Drop out, resign, leave; only then can you have a world of unicorns and rainbows.