Confirmation that it’s a “Crappy Compact”

Onerous Compact in many ways

Yesterday, the Boston Globe confirmed that the treaty between the Commonwealth and Cedric Tobey Cromwell is  ” onerous” in terms of it’s impact on the tribe.  The question is who would negotiate something so unfair to us and so beneficial to the state? Bottom line is that it is unacceptable to the BIA because the Federal laws are put in place to protect tribes from greedy investors who take advantage of Native people.  In this case we’re being enslaved by our Phoney Government.

Mashpee Wampanoag tribal compact may be too generous to the state,risking federal rejection – The Boston Globe

Date:     Jul 29, 2012        

The state’s lucrative casino compact with the Mashpee Wampanoag, ratified last week by the Legislature, will now undergo a critical 45-day federal review amid signs that the state’s large take of tribal gambling profits could lead to the deal’s rejection, according to a Globe review of past compacts. “I would say there’s a fair chance it would not be approved because the terms are way too onerous,” said Oklahoma lawyer Gary S. Pitchlynncq, a specialist in tribal gambling law.

It’s so bad, it is obvious something else is a foot. Some other agenda in play.