First Lady meet the first lady

Ah Hah survives Secret Service questioning

Governor Deval Patrick is hosting a much anticipated Presidential fundraiser at his home in early August.  First Lady Michelle Obama will be the featured guest and couples will pay 20k to be in her presence.

Guess who will be there?  Take a wild guess.  You got it with no effort and so did the Secret Service who converged on Mashpee to query the ancient people through its Private Investigator Minnie Ah Hah.

Uncle Herrin’

I have to tell you that I met the Secret Service advance team  in font of the Meeting House. You know y0u can’t be too careful with all their foolishness down there in South America. They seemed to be okay.  There was a Black guy and a White guy.  No Indian. They know some of  our tribal members.  They know Earl Mills, Anne Peters, Hazel Oakley,  Dart, Vernon Pocknett, Norman Dias and Stretcha. I thought it was odd about Stretcha.  But I’ll get back to that.  I gotta tell you.  Those SS people know a lot. Before I opened my mouth.

They knew  everything about our REAL Elders but they had a lot a questions about the first lady Cheryl Frye Cromwell.  Here’s the transcript of our conversation.

SS B :  “You are Minnie Ah Hah of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe?

Me: ” I am.”

SS W : Ah Hah is not a tribal name.  What is your true last name. ?”

Me: “It is Ah Hah.

SS W: ” There are no Ah Hah families in this tribe.”

Me: ” How do you know? I am special don’t cha know.  I am an Ah Hah.   No one will claim me because I know  too much and I tell. I am a Peters, an Amos, a Mills, a Pocknett, Haynes, an Oakley, a  Pells,  a Hendricks,  a Mingo, a Bearse and a Hicks.  I am powerful.  I have all those family characteristics.  I am powerful.  ”

SS W: : “This Indian whoo do stuff gives me the wilies.”

Me: ” You’re  talkin’ about Mr. Willie Pompey? Takes Leigh Potter to to tell you where he’s buried.”

Wow !

SS B: “Man, get to the business of their first lady please.”

SS W: ” Right, Now Cheryl Frye ahhhh Cromwell. We hear she’s a graduate of U Mass, a fighter for human rights and a health enthusiast as head of the tribal health department.”

Me : The answer is no, no and no.

SS W: ” So none of that is true.

Me: ” Course not. Cheryl wants to be all those thngs but she’s just is not. Now, Stretch said …well ….. Stretcha is so good at encouraging us to be kind and faithful to the Creator.  She knows a lot more than me.  I would tell you to go over there and talk to her but her  son  Dwight might not allow it.”

SS B: ” Well if Stretch, or Stretcha.. why that nick name?

Me: “Edna had long legs.  She could really run.  And when she did those legs would stretch out… So they called her Stretcha.”

SS W: ” Can we get on with the questioning.  Look ,Cheryl Frye Cromwell or “TFL,” is reportedly delusional beyond her education and professional qualificiations. and a fighter for human rights…

Me: ” Well yah….She thought Turkey Buzzards were bald Eagles …and she beat the hell outta that Pequot girl last year.”

SSB: ” For God sakes should we allow this woman in the Clutch with Michelle Obama? Is she a female impersonator or something?”

Me: ” That I cannot confirm or deny.”


This is my Secret Service Report  7/23/12

Your Neice,

Minnie Ah Hah