Misfeasance, Malfeasance, Nonfeasance


Now we come to the truly unbelievable stuff.  If and when the Genting signs over $202m  in refinancing (at 17%), it falls into the sticky hands of  Misfeasance, Malfeasance and Nonfeasance. That would be Yvonne Frye Avant, Cedric Tobey Cromwell, and Mark Harding under the auspices of the “Tribal Gaming Commission” allowing them to dispose of it as they see fit. Any of the three can sign checks independent of the other. Imagine them having access to that kind of money.

Can you spare us a few million?


Being the good pimps that they are….you can’t even hope for a few dollars here and there.  Besides, Genting is the Supreme pimp that keeps  them in line.

So if you’re holding out hope of getting a few dollars …..remember this….you ain’t seen a dime yet have ya? Alright  then.