More really dumb stuff

Cromwell Administration motto

Wednesdays Council meeting completed the circle of madness for the Cromwell administration starting with giving Lesley Jonas the Housing Director job.  Now we’re not going through the long list of  issues that disqualify her for the job.  Well….we just can’t let it go. Apparently her ability to willingly take  jobs that she is totally incapable of doing, is  the criteria. She was the Pow Wow Director for 2 years and never raised a dime, and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to boot. Worst of all, she knew as much about pow wows as Tony Moniz…actually Tony knew more. We can credit her with the initiation of the Indian Circus. Truth is, for months Leon asked a lot of very qualified people to take the job and they refused.  Many qualified people applied for the job and were ignored. Leslie Jonas will now head the troubled Housing Department. I’m sure HUD will be impressed.

The outrage over the resolution allowing Leon to appoint  Marie ” Tah Tah ” Stone Human Resources Director without a Council vote was rescinded a couple of weeks ago.  So was the one that promoted Marge Seagraves as Tribal Administrator.  Their very expensive lawyers, told them that they didn’t rescind the actions properly and needed a do over.  Since when do they follow the laws people? Despite the fact that the promotions were taken back,  Tah Tah kept sending out emails as “ Human Resources Director.”  She’s still sending them out. Marge just told the Council “They were all crazy.” Ya think?

On to poor  David Weeden, nearly driven mad trying  to coordinate the Indian Circus.  Now he’s back to collecting resumes from tribal men and women interested in working on the community center.  David,  construction workers don’t have resumes.  Come on now. And ah….USDA has not sent the money. The Tribe has not paid the taxes.  Everyone is still working in the old trailers and buildings.  So what does that say?

The Land into Trust application is incomplete.  They submitted it that way.  One of the tribal lawyers was screaming in a hallway of a recent meeting in Taunton that ” The application should not have been made public.” The business of the BIA and DOI is a public record.

Saturday meeting to talk about how they screwed us in the Crappy Compact. Who would have the nerve to have a meeting on a treaty that was never reviewed by the people it impacts.  Tribal members need to show up to sign the petition going to the BIA.

Cedric and the gang are having a clam bake for the Governor. Clearly, Patrick  is not too particular about the company he keeps.  Being sacrificed is not worth celebrating.