The Bodacious First Lady


Governor Deval Patrick was smiling up at Cedric surrounded by his loyal Council drones, when the photographer snapped the picture.  It was a historic moment.  A moment to be treasured by the few in the room.  The moment when the Mashpee Wampanoag agreed to what is now known as the worst compact between a Native American tribe and a government in the United States.   “Onerous” is what the Indian gaming expert called it  in the Boston Globe article…because it’s so awful.

But that’s old news.  No matter how bad the experts say it is …Cedric (with his long Genting money) and his new friend….. just keep grinning.

"The Bodacious First Lady" is in short supply at Payless

Anyway there was a major distraction at the historic event. Once again, “TFL” Cheryl Frye Cromwell and her renowned sense of style, stole the show with those bodacious white Payless shoes. It took the Governor’s breath away….or maybe he was gasping……like everyone else.

It’s all a matter of taste don’tcha know.