Conflicted or How to avoid another “Go Mashpee” on ya

Robert Mills in his role as the tribal judge wrote Nellie and said he had to recuse  himself   ( “Excuse oneself from a case because of a possible conflict of interest or lack of impartiality) You may remember that Reel Wamps outlined all those conflicts on June 23 . Nellie’s case alleges elections fraud and the fact that Council member and “Do Girl” Patrica Keliinui , as  the 2009 elections chair, failed to properly resolve the dispute with an Elders Council tribunal as outlined in tribal law.  And of course we know that the infamous sign in sheets loaded with illegal voters, that brought the crew into power, is missing. Curious. Robert said ” I cannot compel the Council to produce the documents.”

There you have it.

But  here’s the big news, actually it was predicted by Patty Oakley.  Robert has handed the explosive case  off the our man Henry Sockbasen.  He’s the chief judge of the tribal court of no authority.  Must   be great to collect a check for years to hand down opinions that don’t amount to seagull poop.

Stay tuned people much more coming on this little diddy.