Building a Crowd for the “Crappy Compact” ….Fryebal Council to the rescue

The Saturday meeting on the Crappy Compact was not only poorly attended but poorly defended.  There were only 4 Council members there, because the others clearly were afraid of another meltdown. There were about 15  very pale NuBees and 10 real tribal members there. Among them were a few fisherman who stormed out.  Course there was a member of the Natural Resources committee who was with the fishermen last week, and as predicted,  he flipped to the Crappy side with comments like, ” It’s not so bad.”

Hopefully the shakedown was worth it cause the flip flopper is well known to all and will never get a big piece of the pie cause he’s a cheap date.

The Crappy Compact defies federal law.   So why would anyone working for us negotiate something that ATTEMPTS to undercut our right to hunt and fish anywhere in the country. The incompetence of these people is amazing.

On to tomorrows signing of the Crappy Compact. The Cromwellians  had Joanne trying to round up Mashpeeians to get on the bus  to

Killing our heritage

Boston for photographs with Cedric and the Governor. They said “no” to Joanne  as usual.  No one wants to be tagged as a sell out on the Crappy Compact. The .50 Indians  ( we all know who they are) waffle and will get on the bus for the box lunch you understand. The Council  will be forced to transport the Fryebal council staff after giving them another day off with pay, because tribal members want no part of the mess.

Many Elders remember that at Thanksgiving the Boston political powers would round up our  people and put them on floats for the Thanksgiving parade. Well with the ’70’s land suit and a host of other revelations like …….since Thanksgiving and the King Phillips War, we  have had  a really hard time just surviving ….we obviously stopped playing Indian for the people that only wanted to see us at Thanksgiving.

But now we’re in the same situation. People who have no connection to us, negotiating for us, like they’re Mashpee Wampanaoag. They are imposters that are loved by people who don’t like us.   Patrick is no different. He has never met with the Traditionalist of the tribe.  He continues to collaborate with Mr. Dorchester.

Mashpee, you need to remember that Metacomet was undermined by his own people. That would be us.