Meeting with Town canceled, Genting refinancing postponed

The compact between the state and the tribe apparently is having a domino affect on the administrations rag tag efforts to secure a gaming license.  Tomorrows  meeting between the Town of Mashpee and the Tribe has been canceled. Cedric says the tribe doesn’t have a lawyer available to meet. Cromwell was the one who set the meeting to review the bizarre additions to the compact that allows the tribe to secure  thousands of acres of town land. That clause in the compact not only violates the Federal Recognition document and federal law  but also conflicts with  the 2008 overwhelming vote by the tribal members confirming the Intergovernmental Agreement with the Town of Mashpee.   So once again, this administration just charges along willie nillie,  trying to undo valid legal agreements. And their lawyers keep on billing.

Next, the Council postponed  a refinancing package for $200 million with Genting.  Refinancing ?  Oh you didn’t know?  What do you mean you didn’t know?  $30m a year for TRIBAL ADMINISTRATION for Cedric, Aaron, Markie, Yvonne, Cheryl “TFL…Lovin’ those turkey buzzards,”  Laura, Winnie, Selena and Trish.  $30m for them and $0 for you.

Oh you don’t know what we owe them currently? Really?  Oh you haven’t seen a consistent month to month financial report since they’ve been in office?  You don’t know who’s on their payroll or what they did with about  $45m acquired so far? Well, that’s just too bad.   If you think the removal of aboriginal rights is bad, you better get your boots on, cause there ain’t enough quahogs on this earth to pay for the eternal enslavement to the Chinese dynasty.

Back to the dominoes.  The week long delay in the Senate is an ominous sign because it shows that the entire tribal license is in question.  Too much controversy, from aboriginal rights, the town and legal challenges plus there are too many blank pages.  For one thing, the linchpin Land in Trust application is incomplete in very critical areas.  Proof of the ties to Taunton ( impossible) ” To be submitted ” the environmental study ” To be submitted.” will take too long for the Clown Patrol to complete.  They’re holding up the show and the rest of the state is not feeling generous.

With the  Senates approval of  the compact, the Gaming Commission is stuck with deciding whether to give a valuable license to a less than honorable totally incompetent group of identity thieves  under attack from their own people, and  surrounding communities.

Genting is not interested in refinancing based on a casino  that may not happen.  How would Cedric pay it back? Right. It’s in our name.