Vote anyway– don’t let Messy Jessie’s Wannabes win

Today is election day and we should not give up on Mashpee.  Many outsiders have chosen to turn their heads while we languish at the hands of the worst in the tribe.  People think we actually voted these people in. That’s because outsiders have clean elections and ours are questionable at best.

Wamsutta, Massasoit...would want us to do the right thing.

Well no fight is worth winning unless serious consequences will result. We have some very good candidates who are not afraid to answer to us, to face us and to do what’s right. They will restore dignity to our government and the basic services to our Elders, children and families.We have to start there because the debt and the Arkana situtuation is a legal matter.

Reel Wamps should not have to inform the true Mashpee of the goings on in the tribal government.  The government should conduct business the way it used to too in the old Town Hall where you were called out and had to be accountable to the families of this tribe. We can bring integrity back.

Too  many of our ancestors struggled for us to give up now. And the people in the Cromwell administration do not have ancestors who contributed to our well being in any substantial way…let’s just be honest.

This is nothing new to us…let’s stand up, and if you don’t recognize people, ask them, who are you? Who’s your family? That’s how we know each other….and there are no Elders to monitor eligible voters. Certainly Brian Weeden, Chair of the Enrollment Committee  (I know it), Messy Jessie’s decoy,  is no expert nor is he a substitute for adults who know tribal family members dating back 50 years.

Take plenty of notes of irregularities, they will be vital in the federal lawsuit on the whole Cromwell operation. There are people out there willing to help us. And of course others are watching this process closely aren’t they Navajo Joe?